• Class of 2019

  • Major, Minor Finance, Economics

Chris has future ambitions to climb the corporate ladder, with the aim to increase the representation of diversity in senior management in corporate settings. He serves as chief financial officer of the Student Government Association (SGA) and is a Sellinger Scholar who represented Loyola at Forbes’ Under 30 Summit (2018), participated in an education program with the MBA curriculum at Harvard Business School, and was chosen as the student speaker for Loyola’s 2018 Business Leader of the Year. Chris is seen as a leader and an inspiration at Loyola, where he is also the vice president for Caribbean Student Union, a resident advisor for first-year students in Flannery O’Connor Hall, and a mentor for Man2Man and to undeserved groups in Baltimore and New York City. His advice to his fellow students is to embrace discomfort and situations with uncertainty: “In those exact spaces, you will start to develop an understanding as to who you really are. Finding your purpose, passion, and how you are as an individual, to the world, is priceless.” 

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A Sellinger Scholar is one who is accepting of others, eager in respect to developing and enhancing his or her future in the spaces of business, a global citizen, a mentor, a role model, a symbol of intelligence and guidance.

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