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  • Class of 2021

  • Majors Actuarial Science - Statistics, Finance

Emily enrolled at Loyola specifically for the CPaMS Scholars Program to take her academic studies to the next level in preparing for a career in a STEM field. She became interested in actuarial science, and decided to double major in statistics and finance to keep her career options open. Originally from Reading, Pa., Emily says she is reaping the benefits of learning in a cohort with other students pursuing STEM majors: "We are in the same Messina pairing, so we spend a lot of time both inside and outside of the classroom getting to know each other and helping each other pursue our goals." At the same time, she has been surprised that a few of her core classes, which take her outside of her math- and finance-focused courses, have been among her favorite. "Surprisingly enough, my favorite course this semester is Latin American History," Emily says. "I've really enjoyed learning about the people and rich culture of Latin America."

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The CPaMS Scholars program allows me to work alongside like-minded students preparing to enter the workforce with STEM careers.

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