• Class of 2018

  • Major, Minor Theology, Film Studies

As a first-year student, Grady thought he might major in psychology. "I didn't want to go into counseling; I just liked the theoretical psychological studies. It was from there, in combination with my theology classes I was taking for my core, that I began to get more deeply interested in the field of theology." The senior from St. Louis, Mo., got involved with Campus Ministry through the Connections program. Grady is considering entering the Roman Catholic priesthood after he graduates, and also hopes to teach. He credits his own teachers and mentors for helping him get to where he is today. "Loyola has challenged me academically to not only think deeper and more intense about what I am studying, but also to think about the world in all different ways. I am pushed to take my thinking outside my own realm and try to understand problems and ideas through the light of someone else or some other way of thought."

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Each year I've spent at Loyola has been radically different without being foreign. It has always been Loyola, but what that means to me has changed and matured each day I've been a student here.

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