• Class of 2019

  • Program Montessori Education

Heather Becker is a graduate student in Loyola’s Montessori Education program who also holds a bachelor’s in Psychology from the University of California at Davis. Heather grew up in Oakland, Calif., and worked as an event planner before she had children. When her daughter entered a Montessori school, Heather found herself drawn to the program’s sense of community and became a parent volunteer—and was encouraged by the school’s director to become a teacher herself. “With Montessori training, I hope to have something for myself apart from my family: a focus, a purpose, and goal of helping others through education,” she says. “Having the confidence and ability to make a career change at this point in my life is a gift.” In the Montessori program through Loyola's School of Education, Heather takes core classes at a training center in Georgia, where she lives. She next looks forward to working with parents and children in early childhood Montessori-based development workshops. “I would not be able to further my educational goals with Loyola were it not for the flexibility they offer students around our country,” says Heather, who is on track to graduate this September with her master’s in Montessori Education with an emphasis in Assistants to Infancy (children from 0-3 years of age). She is currently conducting an independent study in Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD) as a result of her son’s evaluation and occupational therapy for the challenges that come with this. Upon graduation she plans to explore opportunities in classroom environments and facilitating parent-child workshops.

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Through this process, I have truly seen what I am capable of doing in a way that I hadn't before. This experience has given me strength and belief that I can accomplish whatever I put my energies into, both now and in the future.

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