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  • Class of 2021

  • Major Computer Science

Jeffrey has always enjoyed coding, and he knew he wanted to major in computer science in college and pursue a career in the field. Now as a student in Loyola's CPaMS Scholars program, Jeffrey has the added benefit of learning with a cohort of students in his class year who are also majoring in STEM fields. "You quickly get to know everybody in the CPaMS program and build relationships that will span your college career," he says. "When someone doesn’t know something, we turn to other students in the cohort for guidance or help." A member of several student-run clubs who also works for Loyola's Event Services, Jeffrey encourages anyone interested in majoring in a STEM-related field to "look for a college that provides the same opportunities that Loyola does—and that has a community you can flourish in."

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Loyola is preparing me to for a future working in computer science and in STEM. The faculty care for their students' futures, and it's clear they are making sure that we have the experience required to succeed after college.

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