• Class of 2019

  • Program Data Science

With his varied background in system administration, software development, and penetration testing, Joe felt pursuing a Master of Data Science would give him the opportunity to exercise his strengths in both computer science and data analysis. Originally from Paris, France, Joe moved to the United States to earn his B.S. in Computer Science. He became interested in Loyola's data science program, which stood out to him for its curriculum—focused on both application and theory, with a good balance of statistics, computer science, and analysis. Joe says he has been impressed with how the Jesuit principles are woven into his courses and inspire him to reflect on how he functions in a business environment. Currently a computer forensic analyst, he hopes to one day lead a team of technical personnel in a data-driven organization.

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When I go to class at Loyola, I can tell it's not just a check-mark for a professor who really just wants to do research. The faculty are genuinely interested in imparting knowledge and training data scientists to be ready for the real world.

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