• Class of 2019

  • Major, Minor Biochemistry, English

Justin has made the most of his time on campus, joining a wide range of extracurricular activities such as the Evergreens, ALANA, the Dean’s Student Advisory Board, and the Center for Service and Justice, among others. He has also participated in two summer research internship programs—the Rutgers Summer Undergraduate Research Program and the Nathan Schnaper Internship Program. “The relationships that I had built with many professors within the biology and chemistry departments enabled me to apply for these opportunities,” he says. “Not only did they provide support, but also pushed me to grow and think about science and about my future career goals with new perspective.” Justin, who grew up in Philadelphia and hopes to pursue a career in health care after graduation, is a student in Loyola's Pre-Health Programs. “With academics as my main focus, I desired a college experience that would challenge my way of thinking and force me to grow intellectually,” he says. “It was easy for me to see that Loyola would be that place for me.”  

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My passion is to serve the greatest number of people possible, providing the highest quality of care possible. This, in combination with my love of science and interest in biomedical research, led me to pre-med. For me, the idea of becoming a medical doctor encompasses these components that I desire in a career, while also providing me with the agency to tackle issues of public health, health care inequities, and social determinants of health care. Reflecting on these ideas, I found Loyola’s mission and values aligned perfectly with my own principles.

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