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  • Class of2020

  • ProgramData Science

“Loyola is dedicated to its students and gives them the support they need to be successful,” says Kaitlyn of her experience in the Master of Data Science program at Loyola. The data scientist for Booz Allen Hamilton grew up in Mount Airy, Md.. She earned her bachelor’s degree in mathematics with a minor in statistics and economics from the University of Maryland, Baltimore County. She says she chose Loyola’s Data Science Program for the diversity of classes; the program’s hybrid format, which allows her to take half of her courses online and the other half in a classroom setting, has given her the opportunity to work full-time while completing her master’s degree. One of her favorite courses, Machine Learning, focuses on different algorithms, which has already afforded her practical hands-on experience that she looks forward to sharing with her colleagues at Booz Allen Hamilton. Kaitlyn also values the program’s focus on service and social justice: “One of the biggest factors that drove me to apply for this program was the opportunity to work with an organization, because it will enable me to use data science for the greater good,” says Kaitlyn, who is providing insights to the Frederick County Animal Control to increase animal adoption rates. 

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Kaitlyn Longo
Loyola’s Data Science Program is the perfect combination of statistics, computer science, and business analytics, and each course is taught by a dedicated professor.

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