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  • Class of 2021

  • Major, Minor Global Studies, Spanish

Kaylin says she chose Loyola because of how she felt on campus. “I felt wanted and welcomed. There are many schools that hold the mindset, ‘You should be happy to be here,’ whereas Loyola's environment seemed to say, ‘We would be happy to have you as a student here,’” explains the Global Studies major from Portland, Maine. “I think that feeling instills a true sense of community among students, staff, and faculty—it’s what felt different about Loyola compared to other schools and what really drew me in.” Kaylin’s experience living in Jakarta, Indonesia, for three years inspired her interest in international relations. She aspires to study law and become an international lawyer working for the United Nations. Kaylin is in Loyola’s Honors Program and the Pre-Law Program; she’s a member of the women’s club basketball team and Student Leadership Corps, and she participates in She’s the First, an organization that fights gender inequality through education. Her favorite thing about Loyola is the resources available to students: “No matter your issue, Loyola always has a program, a professor, or a meeting to accommodate your needs and to listen to your thoughts.”

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The smaller, more dynamic and discussion-based classes at Loyola have allowed me to find confidence in my voice and opinion that will assist me in sharing my ideas and insights in future career opportunities.

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