• Class of 2018

  • Major, Minor History, Political Science

If Keenan could go back in time and tell her first-year self one thing, it would to “relax and enjoy your time in college—it will be over in the blink of an eye.” During her four years at Loyola, the Buffalo, N.Y. native has served as captain of the women’s rowing team, as a member of the Student Athlete Advisory Committee, and as a tutor for The Study. Keenan’s next steps are to apply to graduate programs and for a Fulbright scholarship, based on her senior history honors thesis—research she hopes to continue. She credits her thesis advisor, Dr. Matt Mulcahy, as an inspiration for her future plans: “I don’t know another professor who cares more about his students’ success or is willing to devote time outside of his busy schedule to ensure that they not only know class material, but also develop and grow as writers, historians, and overall good human beings.” Keenan says the thing she will miss most about Loyola is her rowing teammates—who have doubled as her best friends, roommates, and support system—as well as Baltimore's famous crabs.

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Whenever anyone asks me what I love most about Loyola, I always tell them the professors. I don’t know of many other universities where undergraduate students can develop personal relationships with their instructors.

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