• Class of 2018

  • Majors History, Classics

Hailing from Ohio, Kelly is an Honors student who is double majoring in Classics and history. During her time at Loyola, she has been involved, among other things, as an Evergreen, a member of the Chapel Choir and multiple honor societies, a Ministry Music intern for Campus Ministry, and president of the Classics Club. Kelly, who has been interested in history for as long as she can remember, applied for and was awarded two summer grants through the Center for the Humanities that have allowed her to design, conduct, and present research related to her academic focus. Kelly will be pursuing her Doctorate in History at Indiana University Bloomington after she graduates from Loyola. "I hope to continue the research I started for my thesis," says Kelly. "I am indebted to Joseph Walsh, Ph.D., for four years of mentoring and advising. Dr. Walsh is one of the most passionate professors on this campus. He truly respects his students and wants them to succeed. When I declared my Classics major, he remained my advisor and helped me figure out what my career at Loyola was going to consist of. This past year, Dr. Walsh graciously (and bravely!) agreed to be my research and thesis advisor. I spent nearly a year researching the relationship between the Judeo-Roman historian Josephus and the physical city of Rome (c. 70-100 C.E.), and he spent nearly a year reading countless drafts and pointing me to different sources and perspectives that I should investigate. He encouraged me to research and write and push further into this topic, even when I wanted to stop. He made my writing and my thinking so much better. I truly would not be the student I am today without Dr. Walsh, and I certainly would not be as prepared for my future in academia." 

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When I was looking at colleges, the quality of the Classics department here was what made me choose Loyola. The professors are very passionate about what they teach, and they really care about their students. The sheer number of amazing professors I’ve had at Loyola—as well as my personal desire to teach and help other young people find their passions—has inspired me to become a professor myself.

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