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Coronavirus Updates

Spring 2021 - Health and Safety

We are leaning on scientific knowledge and research in our approach to care of the whole person—mind, body, and spirit—in setting the stage for a successful Spring 2021 semester on our campuses. 

Campus Health Care Partnerships

Student Health Services (SHS) will continue to serve as the main oversight for campus health care. However, Loyola has also secured a contract with Sinai Hospital, a subsidiary of the LifeBridge Health network, to assist with providing medical case management and ongoing support for students testing positive for COVID-19.


All undergraduate and graduate students will be expected to enroll in Loyola’s student symptom checker app, Campus Clear. We will encourage a culture of raising self-awareness and social responsibility through daily symptom monitoring through our screening tool. Preventing potentially infected individuals from interacting with other students is one of the best ways to help prevent the spread of COVID-19 within our community.

If a student is experiencing symptoms or has been a recent close contact of someone with COVID-19, they will be flagged on the app and will be contacted by Student Health Services for further evaluation, testing, etc. Every student is expected to answer honestly each morning as well as comply in showing their Campus Clear green pass if asked by a Loyola faculty member, staff member, or administrator. The enrollment process will be communicated to all students in a communication sent directly from Student Health Services.

Employees will also continue to perform daily screenings through the GetVitalCheck program, a symptom checker for faculty, staff, and administrators. Employees who are not cleared will be asked to take part in a telehealth visit with a board-certified physician for further evaluation and/or testing as appropriate. Employees can make a telehealth appointment with a physician through the GetVitalCheck program or contact their primary care physician for an appointment. Employees who are not cleared to return to campus each day must notify their department supervisors and the office of human resources.

Student Requirements for Spring Return

Prior to the start of the Spring 2021 semester, students planning to return to campus must take these steps:

  1. COVID-19 Testing: Students living in Loyola housing will be tested upon their arrival to campus in January. Students will then begin a Campus Arrival Restriction Period (CARP), which will extend through Jan. 20. During CARP, students will limit their interactions with other students per specific CARP guidelines. Students who are living off campus in non-Loyola housing will be required to obtain COVID-19 testing (a PCR test; not antigen or antibody testing) within the two weeks prior to start of classes and/or anticipated return to campus community and be able to provide proof of a negative result by sending it to healthservices@loyola.edu prior to the start of classes. Students will receive more detailed information about these processes. *
  2. Influenza Vaccination: All undergraduate and graduate students who will be returning to Loyola’s campuses and/or attending in-person classes are required to obtain the seasonal influenza vaccination and submit proof of the vaccination to Student Health Services (SHS) by sending it to healthservices@loyola.edu by Wednesday, Jan. 6, 2021. SHS will accept valid medical/religious exemptions, which need to be submitted directly to SHS. All documentation regarding flu shots can be submitted to healthservices@loyola.edu. *
  3. Health Forms and Immunization Records: First-year and transfer students must submit any outstanding health and immunization records (which had initially been required by September 2020) to SHS prior to arriving on campus in January. Please submit these forms ASAP to healthservices@loyola.edu*
  4. COVID-19 Student Training: All students will need to complete a mandatory online student training prior to spring return. The Healthy Hounds Student Training can be accessed here through LinkedIn Learning. To complete the training, follow these steps:
    1. Follow the prompts to set up an account with LinkedIn using your Loyola email information.
    2. Click on the video (roughly 35 minutes long) and watch in its entirety.
    3. Complete an acknowledgment form attesting to the fact that you completed the training which will also be on the LinkedIn Learning site.
    4. There is no need to submit the attestation form to our office or let us know that you have completed it. We also realize that several students may have already completed an earlier training for the Fall semester. Please note, this is a new training, and all students will be required to complete this one for the spring semester. This training needs to be completed no later than Wednesday, Jan. 6, 2021.
  5. Other mandatory trainings: All residential students must also complete the online trainings required by student development or you will not be issued a key and allowed to check in. Students this applies to are aware of these trainings. They have already received information about them multiple times through messages to their Loyola email address and phone calls.
  6. All students must also enroll in Campus Clear: Student Health Services will send information the week of Jan. 4 with instructions on how to enroll in Campus Clear, the daily symptom checker all students will be using for the Spring semester.
  7. Commit to being a Healthy HoundAll students will be asked to review the information on the Loyola Healthy Hounds website, as well as sign the pledge page. Each student must commit to follow all appropriate health and safety protocols in order to help keep our university community safe.

* Please note that failure to complete these requirements will result in a health hold in the student record which will prevent ability to move into Loyola housing or, in the case of graduate students or students living in non-Loyola housing, permission to be on campus.

Self-quarantine in advance

All students are also expected to self-quarantine to the best of their ability for the 10 days prior to arrival at Loyola—with the exception of the trip for COVID-19 testing and travel back to the University. This will put us in the best position for a healthy semester for our community. 

Easter/Spring Break Information

Students should familiarize themselves with Loyola's Easter/Spring Break information for a successful return to University operations after the break. 


Testing for COVID-19 will be key to both initiation and maintenance of a healthy semester for our community. Review the testing requirements and procedures.

Case Management

Review the plans and procedures in place for case management as well as the guidelines for a Campus Assessment and Restriction Period (CARP 2.0) should the need for increased campus restrictions present itself.

Promoting Healthy Behavior

Every member of the Loyola community has a role to play in advancing the health of our campuses. Testing and screening will be important, but we can each make a real difference through our approach to personal hygiene—wearing face coverings, washing hands frequently, using hand sanitizer, engaging in physical distancing, and avoiding large gatherings. Upon arrival to campus, all students living in Loyola housing will be provided a welcome kit that will include two face coverings, a disposable thermometer, and hand sanitizer.

Face coverings

Everyone on campus will be required to wear face coverings except when in personal residential spaces or closed offices and when not practical, i.e., while eating, drinking, brushing teeth, etc. This applies both outside and inside. The University will provide two face coverings to each student and employee returning to campus. N95 masks and medical-grade surgical masks will be reserved for healthcare workers and other approved personnel with task-specific needs. Gloves are required only for specific tasks that have required gloves prior to the COVID-19 pandemic (cleaning, dining, etc.). For more information on face coverings, see Improve How Your Mask Protects You on the CDC site

Physical distancing

Members of the Loyola community and any visitors to our campuses must engage in physical distancing, staying at least 6 feet apart in public spaces—both indoors and outdoors. All programming where physical distancing guidelines cannot be met will be suspended until physical distancing requirements are lifted. Athletics will follow guidelines set by the NCAA and Patriot League.

Training and Education for Students/Employees

Students are strongly advised to view the videos on the main page of the Healthy Hounds site. These quick, yet informative, videos provide essential education regarding health and safety practices which work in conjunction to help prevent the spread of COVID-19. There will also be a mandatory student training video for students who are returning to campus for classes for the spring semester. The link to that training will be emailed directly to students in mid-December.

Employees are required to take the employee training prior to returning to campus. Links to the mandatory employee training are posted to the HR Return to Campus website.

Designated Study Spaces

Loyola has designated various spaces on campus for online class sessions and quiet study.

Campus COVID-Related Policies

Community members should familiarize themselves with the campus COVID-related policies.