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Coronavirus Updates

Jan. 6, 2021 - Graduate Students: Important Info: How to Enroll in Campus Clear

Dear Graduate Students,

You are receiving this email because you will be spending time on at least one of Loyola's campuses this Spring semester. Because of this, you will need to enroll in and use Campus Clear, Loyola’s symptom monitoring app, every day. 

Campus Clear is an effective screening tool that will help ensure a safe semester for our community, especially as we try to raise self-awareness and social responsibility on campus. Each of us has a role to play in protecting the health and safety of our community. Preventing potentially infected individuals from entering campus, classrooms, and clinics is one of the best ways to help prevent the spread of COVID-19 at Loyola. Each day Campus Clear will provide you with a green pass. Know that you may be stopped anywhere on Loyola property and be expected to show your green pass before gaining entrance to University facilities.  

How to access the Campus Clear app from a mobile device:

  1. Download it to your mobile iOS or Android device.  
  2. Complete the mobile set-up process using your Loyola.edu email address.
  3. Look in your inbox for an email from IVY TEAM to verify and complete the registration process.  

How to access this app from the web:

If you do not have a mobile phone/device to download the app, please use this Campus Clear link to report your symptoms. It will take you through a series of five easy clicks/checks and then you need to enter your Loyola.edu email address. You will receive an email. In the email, you will click on “confirm email” and then click on “return to your app now” and follow the steps from there. 

How to use this app: 

  1. We ask that you wait and download this app on your first day of classes. Once you have the app downloaded, you will start receiving daily push notifications at 7 a.m. as a reminder to log into your app. You will be expected to log into the app first thing in the morning each day, regardless if you do not plan to come to campus until that evening.
  2. Once logged in, you will need to complete the brief questions on your screen with regards to how you feel that day.
  3. If you respond that you are having NO symptoms and feeling well, you will be issued a “green pass” that will permit you to be on campus for campus jobs, clinics, classes, etc., as required that day.  
  4. If you respond that you have either tested positive for COVID-19, have been exposed to COVID-19, or are feeling unwell with possible COVID-19 symptoms, you will be issued a “red pass” and not permitted clearance for campus that day. You will be given further instructions that someone from Student Health Services will contact you within 2 hours during business hours, 8:30 a.m.-5 p.m. One of our health care providers there can review your symptoms with you, refer you for testing if indicated, and guide your care and concerns. On this “red pass” screen, you will also be able to click on a link that will bring you directly to the Student Health Services COVID-19 FAQ page, which will have all the most updated information regarding symptoms, testing, contact tracing efforts, etc. 
    5. If you are in isolation or quarantine, there is a separate box to indicate that. We ask that you just continue to select that option for your entire duration of time (between 10-14 days). This will help you to stay in the habit of your daily check-ins as well. Please note you should NOT select this option during the Campus Arrival Restriction Period (CARP). You will still be expected to log in daily through the CARP so Student Health Services staff can best monitor your symptoms and/or changes in your condition.  

If you have any questions about this process, please email SHS assistant director, Marlena Waugh, directly at mwaugh@loyola.edu.  

Thank you for doing your part to help Loyola enjoy a safe and healthy spring semester! 

Student Health Services