Loyola University Maryland

Coronavirus Updates

March 3, 2020 - Students

The following is an email that was sent to Loyola undergraduate and graduate students on Tuesday, March 3, 2020.

Subject: Update for students on the novel coronavirus, COVID-19

Dear Students, 

With concerns around the continued spread of the novel coronavirus, COVID-19, we wanted to be in touch. If you are following updates in the news, you are aware that there is a great deal of focus on travel. 

As you think ahead to returning to Loyola from spring break, please be aware that if you have been traveling in an area of known risk/exposure as defined by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), you must contact Student Health Services prior to returning to campus. Given the incubation period of the illness, you will be advised to remain off campus for the CDC’s 14-day self-incubation period at home. Then you will check in with Student Health Services prior to returning to campus to ensure you are asymptomatic. 

The University is informing faculty that they should be flexible and understanding about student absences due to illnesses or quarantines. If you will be out, you should speak with Student Health Services and then contact the Academic Advising and Support Center at 410-617-5050 so they can inform your faculty members. 

You can find more information related to COVID-19 on the Student Health Services FAQ page, the CDC site, and Loyola’s COVID-19 information page, which offers tips on personal hygiene, travel advice, and other information. 


Student Health and Wellness Services