Loyola University Maryland

Coronavirus Updates

Oct. 2, 2020 - Policies for students visiting Loyola's campuses this fall

Dear Student,

Loyola is committed to protecting the health and safety of all members of our campus community. Our main goal is to minimize the potential spread of disease among our community members and for everyone to understand this is a shared responsibility in order to have a successful reopening in January. 

We understand that many students are living in the Baltimore area and are making occasional visits to campus. If you plan to visit any of Loyola’s campuses, you are required to comply with health and safety laws and regulations that are not just in place from the University, but also those that mandated by the State of Maryland and the Baltimore City Health Department. These guidelines include, but are not limited to, practicing social distancing, limiting group gatherings, wearing face coverings both inside and outside, and the utilization of proper hand hygiene and disinfecting precautions. Please be advised that compliance with these safety guidelines is required. If you become aware of instances where these policies are not being upheld, please notify the Office of Student Conduct at studentconduct@loyola.edu

If you are planning to visit campus this fall, in addition to complying with overall health and safety guidelines, you are also required to comply with the following list of University requirements:

  1. You must complete our COVID-19 Safety and Awareness Educational Training. Please note this training was created prior to the University’s decision to be fully online this fall, so there may be some information/slides that aren’t currently applicable. The most important takeaway from the training is to maintain the health and safety guidelines discussed. You may access the COVID-19 Training at this link. There will be a new training released prior to the spring semester to reflect new updates/changes, and you will also be required to complete that training when it is available.
  2. Commit to being a Healthy Hound. Visit the Healthy Hounds site and sign the pledge. By signing the Healthy Hounds pledge, you are acknowledging that you recognize your responsibility and commit to following the appropriate health and safety protocols to help keep our University community safe.
  3. Enroll in Campus Clear, Loyola’s symptom tracking app for students. You are required to log in and complete this app on the days you plan to come to campus. If you have informed Loyola that you are living in the Baltimore area this fall, you will receive a separate communication via email regarding enrollment process for this app. Please note that while you are currently only required to complete this app on days you come to campus this fall, the expectation for the spring semester will be different and more information will be forthcoming about those requirements.

Flu shots will be mandatory for students who are returning to campus in January. Students will need to show proof of having received an Influenza vaccination before the start of the spring semester. More information will be forthcoming later this month from Student Health Services.

Thank you for doing your part to help keep our Loyola community safe and healthy.

Student Health Services