Loyola University Maryland

Coronavirus Updates

Dec. 16, 2020 - Important reopening information and action items

Dear Students,

As you complete your final exams for the semester, I hope you are taking pride in all you have accomplished. I also hope you join me in looking forward to when our campuses reopen in January. I know this is a time of great uncertainty, but I assure you that our intention is to open our campuses in time for classes to begin online Jan. 19 and in-person, after the conclusion of our Campus Arrival Restriction Period (CARP), on Jan. 21.

We are confident that we have an excellent plan—and that if our students do their part to promote health and safety within our community, we will enjoy a successful semester together.

With the University scheduled to close for the Christmas Break beginning this weekend, I wanted to make sure you have the information you need prior to the reopening of our offices after the break on Monday, Jan. 4. As always, you are welcome to reach out with questions to coronavirus@loyola.edu, and professionals from the University will respond either before or after the break.

Please read this message in its entirety, as there are critical, time-sensitive action items for students to complete before returning to campus.

Additions to Campus
We are adding some smaller tents to Diane Geppi-Aikens Field where students can spend time attending online classes. Those tents will have heating and socially-distant seating, and we feel they will be a welcome addition alongside the Den, the large dining tent we are adding to provide additional seating for student diners. We are working to make sure that our beautiful Evergreen campus is well-designed for our students to make the most of the space.

Pre-Arrival Instructions
Before arriving on campus to begin the Spring semester, students must complete these steps. Students will not be permitted to move into their room assignment or attend classes until all steps are completed:

  • Complete Healthy Hounds Student Training by Jan. 6: The new Healthy Hounds Student Training can be accessed here through LinkedIn Learning. You will need to follow the prompts to set up an account with LinkedIn using your Loyola email. Once you have set up your account, click on the video (roughly 35 minutes long) and watch it in its entirety. You will also need to complete the acknowledgment form on the same LinkedIn page attesting to the fact that you completed the training. This training is due by Wednesday, Jan. 6.
  • Complete Other Mandatory Online Trainings: All residential students must complete the online trainings required by student development or you will not be issued a key and allowed to check in. Students this applies to are aware of these trainings. They have already received information about them multiple times through messages to their Loyola email address and phone calls.
  • Complete and Submit Health Forms: First-year and transfer students must submit health forms ASAP to healthservices@loyola.edu. A separate communication went out last week from Student Health Services if you still have outstanding forms to submit.
  • Submit Proof of Flu Vaccine by Jan. 6: You must submit proof of having received an influenza vaccination by email to healthservices@loyola.edu by Wednesday, Jan 6.
  • Enroll in Campus Clear: Student Health Services will send information the week of Jan. 4 with instructions on how to enroll in Campus Clear, the daily symptom checker all students will be using for the Spring semester.
  • Participate in a 10-day pre-arrival quarantine: We encourage you to quarantine for 10 days prior to your arrival so that our community will be in the best possible position for a successful semester.
  • For Students NOT living in Loyola Housing: You must submit proof of a negative PCR COVID-19 testing 7-14 days prior to your anticipated arrival. Student Health Services will send details in early January on how to upload this proof directly to LifeBridge.

Students will not be permitted to move into their room assignment or attend classes until these important steps are completed. If you have questions about these processes, please refer to the Health Requirements website

Move-in Guidelines

Move-in will be structured in a much more time-sensitive format to allow for a safe, smooth move-in period, as well as time for baseline COVID-testing. Here is some important information as you plan for move-in:

  • Health forms, training, and submitted proof of flu vaccination must be completed in advance of your move-in day. We must stay on schedule on your move-in day, and there will not be time for forms to be completed and trainings to be handled on the spot, which we have allowed for in previous semesters. If we do not receive this information in advance of your move-in date, your account will have a health-hold, which will prohibit you from moving into your Loyola housing. There can be no exceptions to this for the Spring semester due to our COVID-19 pandemic planning and regulations.
  • Your scheduled move-in date is not flexible. All residential students need to arrive during their scheduled move-in time during the move-in period for the success of our baseline testing and the Campus Arrival Restriction Period (CARP). In the past, some students have arrived on campus after move-in just in time for classes to begin. This year, it is essential that students move in as scheduled. You must arrive at your scheduled time to be able to complete your baseline testing, receive your welcome kit, review our COVID protocols, and be present to participate fully in the CARP. Students who arrive after their assigned move-in period will not be issued a key or permitted to access their residential space until they have completed testing through Loyola.

Spring Welcome Weekend
We have planned a Spring Welcome Weekend program to enhance our newest students’ first-year experience. This orientation program will take place Jan. 17 for those who started classes in the fall; those who are starting this Spring will have orientation on Jan. 16-17. Students who will commute to campus or continue to study remotely are also expected to attend this program.

While we are still finalizing the schedule, a general overview is located on the Spring Welcome Weekend website. Sessions will offer opportunities to connect with other students, learn how to navigate Loyola, and gain a deeper understanding of campus and community expectations. You will receive more information and a detailed schedule just prior to your arrival, so please keep an eye on your Loyola email account. 

Virtual Family Weekend
We invite our families to save the date for a Virtual Family Weekend Feb. 26-28. We will provide more details next month, but I hope you’ll mark your calendars now. Campus departments are planning programs that families can participate in from their homes.

Families who want to visit their students on campus at other times during the Spring 2021 semester are welcome to visit campus, with the exception of entering the residence halls. Except during move-in and move-out, residence hall access is limited to the students who are assigned to those buildings.

As I look at the calendar, I realize that a month from today, students will be back on the Evergreen campus, preparing to begin the Spring semester. There’s an energy in the air as we prepare for your return. I encourage you to continue to make responsible decisions over the next few weeks so that we are well-poised for the Spring 2021 semester. 

I hope you know how much the faculty, staff, and administrators and I are excited to welcome you home to Loyola. Stay well, know you are in my prayers, and join me in counting down to your arrival.


Rev. Brian F. Linnane, S.J.