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Coronavirus Updates

COVID-19 Dashboard

This dashboard is a source of information for our Loyola University Maryland community, combining information from multiple sources to illustrate and track the impact of the pandemic. Some of the student and employee numbers are only for people who are living, working, and taking classes on Loyola's campus and do not include students who are engaged in 100% remote learning. The dashboard tracks information beginning Jan. 4, 2021. Please send any questions to coronavirus@loyola.edu.

Overview for the Week of April 5, 2021: This week we are testing all students who attend in-person classes (with the exception of those who have tested positive in the past 90 days) and continuing with surveillance testing of employees. All students in Loyola housing are participating in a campus-wide CARP through the week while testing occurs and results are assessed. We continue to have plenty of available isolation space. All of our students who have come out of isolation have experienced mild or no symptoms and have fully recovered.

To understand the University's approach to baseline, surveillance, close-contact, and symptomatic testing, visit the Testing page of our Covid Operations Plan site. For clarity on the difference between quarantine and isolation, visit the Case Management page of our Covid Operations Plan site.

Learn more about COVID-19 in the State of Maryland on the Maryland COVID-19 Data Dashboard.

The dashboard is updated each weekday with the previous business day's data. The weekly surveillance test results are posted each Tuesday.

Any member of the Loyola faculty, administration or staff who would like to review raw COVID 19 data, should contact Natalie Rizzi at ndrizzi@loyola.edu

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