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Coronavirus Updates

Spring 2021: Commuter and Off-Campus Housing FAQ

General Questions

What is the arrival testing protocol for me?

Students who are living off-campus in non-Loyola housing will need to provide proof of a negative PCR test that has been administered on Jan. 5 or preferably later prior to returning to campus for classes or use of any Loyola facilities. These students will not be part of the baseline testing on campus. We will require that off-campus students stay off campus except for essential purposes until after the CARP is complete on Jan. 20. You will also be included in ongoing random surveillance testing of students, faculty, staff, and administrators. You will be notified if you have been randomly selected for testing during the semester.

What do you expect of commuters and off-campus students during the CARP (Campus Arrival Restriction Period)?

We encourage you to treat CARP as a time of preparation with limited interaction with others and safe, healthy decisions—the same decisions we hope you will continue to make through the semester. You will also need to continue to follow city and state guidelines during this time. You can come to campus for essential purposes, such as picking up books from the bookstore or picking up take-out from Parkhurst Dining. Thank you for doing your part to help position our community well for the Spring 2021 semester.

If I have COVID-19 symptoms, what do I do?

You will report your symptoms via CampusClear, Loyola’s symptom tracking app, and a Student Health Services (SHS) professional will reach out to you. SHS or LifeBridge Health will arrange for testing as needed. You will be expected to quarantine in your residence for 14 days, and Loyola will assign a case manager to you to provide virtual check-ins and support.

If contract tracing shows that I have been in contact with a COVID-positive student, can I receive testing through Loyola?

Yes, Student Health Services will be able to help facilitate testing as well as guide any testing-related concerns or questions. Students in this situation also have the option to receive testing on their own through any of the local urgent cares, with the expectation that they will still report a positive result as soon as possible to SHS. Regardless of where testing takes place, students here would still need to quarantine and plan for testing between 5-7 days following exposure when the viral load is likely at its highest and easiest to detect.

If I test positive for COVID-19, where will I isolate?

Students who are living in non-Loyola housing will need to either isolate in their off-campus residence or return home if safe/well enough to do so.  They should report any positive COVID-19 tests to SHS, and they will be assigned a case manager from Student Development to conduct ongoing virtual check-ins. These students will not be provided meals or be permitted to isolate in Loyola housing, but we will provide other virtual support and resources to them through the process.

While living off-campus, will I have access to the Fitness and Aquatic Center, Library, and other campus facilities?

You will have access to the FAC, Library, and spaces such as Loyola’s dining facilities, but you will not be permitted to enter the residence halls. Students living on campus may only visit other students who live in their residence halls.

I’m living in The Social or The Woodberry in non-Loyola housing. Am I allowed to ride the Loyola shuttles to and from campus?

The shuttles are intended for students who do not have their own vehicles to use to drive to campus. The University’s priority is transporting students who are leasing through Loyola.

Where can I park?

For off campus and commuter students, satellite parking will be available at the FAC and at 5104 York Road. Students should reach out to SAS. The Jenkins Lot is an automated paid, visitor lot that operates 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Will there be study spaces available for me on campus so I can attend my online classes and study between in-person classes?

The University is identifying and preparing spaces where students can study in a socially distant way. The dining tent and other indoor and outdoor spaces will be prepared for students to use. Those spaces will not be reserved specifically for off-campus students and commuters. We will communicate more details about study spaces before the start of the Spring 2021 semester.

I’m living off-campus and taking all my classes remotely. Can I come to campus for my work-study job or internship, to use the FAC/Library, to study and hang out with friends, or to attend Mass or an event?

If you want to visit campus, you must be enrolled in CampusClear, be part of the random surveillance testing pool, and comply with all University COVID-19 policies. You can enroll in these by reaching out to healthservices@loyola.edu.

If I travel away from Baltimore, can I visit campus when I return?

Students traveling outside the state of Maryland must quarantine for 14 days upon their return to Baltimore. This includes traveling within the U.S. and internationally. Traveling to areas with widespread transmission, as defined by the state of Maryland is strongly discouraged. Student travel outside of Maryland (and what to do upon your return) may be dictated by the city or state, so we will have to be mindful of that going forward.

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