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Coronavirus Updates

Reopening Campuses FAQ

General Questions

How is Loyola making its decisions?

Loyola is looking to the State of Maryland, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and other health and government officials for guidance to determine the appropriate steps to keep students and staff safe. Professionals and departments across the University are working to identify innovative solutions to ensure the health and safety of our campus community, and faculty are spending time this summer working to ensure they will be able to offer their courses online, as well as in person.

The University has formed three interdepartmental working groups—Academic Continuity/Modified Course Delivery, Residential/Student Contingency, and Health Care/COVID-19 Management—to focus on planning, policies, training, and structures to ensure successful operations for the educational and residential experience Loyola plans to offer.

Will the fall semester start on time?

Loyola is planning to resume campus operations on time for the fall semester with in-person classes beginning, as scheduled, on Aug. 31, 2020.

Health and Wellness

When and how will I be expected to wear a mask or face covering and engage in social distancing?

Social distancing and wearing face coverings will be a standard part of campus life at Loyola this fall, with social distancing across campus—in classrooms, dining, and extracurricular activities. You will not need to wear a face covering or engage in physical distancing in your residence hall room.

What if I have a medical concern that puts me at increased risk for COVID-19?

We care very deeply about the health and wellness of our students. We are following the CDC guidelines throughout our processes, and they recommend that students, faculty, staff, and administrators with underlying health concerns protect themselves by not coming back to campus. Even if you are remote from the campus, you will have access to all the campus services. If you plan to take all your courses remotely from home, reach out to odugs@loyola.edu to make arrangements.

How will Loyola accommodate students with asthma?

It is hard to answer this question because asthma is a condition that can vary from person to person as to how well it is controlled. Please consult the CDC guidance for college students at higher risk for severe illness and work with your doctor to see if you should request an accommodation (such as remote learning). Disability Support Services is the office that reviews requests for accommodations for both classes and housing. If an accommodation is approved, DSS will work with your student to coordinate the arrangements. Please contact Marcia Wiedefeld, Director of Disability Support Services, at (410) 617-2062 or mwiedefeld@loyola.edu for more information.

How will Loyola address students’ mental and spiritual health over the summer and the school year?

The Counseling Center has maintained services throughout this time, through social media and telehealth for groups and for individuals. Campus Ministry has been offering resources for spiritual health, as well, and a weekly livestreamed 5 p.m. Mass on Sundays. All of these will continue to be available to all our students.

Residence Halls

How will the University promote health and wellness in the residence halls?

The health and wellness of those in the residence halls will depend on the behaviors of the people who live there—as well as our facilities colleagues who will keep the buildings clean. You will get information on how to wear a face covering properly because we will be asking everyone on campus to wear a face covering in public areas. We will be encouraging cleanliness. We will provide resources this summer to help students know how to prepare for the fall.

What does “lower-density” mean when describing the campus experience?

Although students will continue to share space and live in community, the University is working to ensure that students have more distance and fewer indoor gathering spaces in the residence halls and eating areas and in other parts of campus. Students commuting and employees working on campus will also be practicing physical distancing.


What changes might I see in dining on campus this fall?

Parkhurst Dining will be offering more online/mobile ordering and grab-and-go options. For more information, visit the Parkhurst Dining reopening information page.

Will meal plans still be available?

Yes. The meal delivery options may look different and students might use meal plans differently, but the plans will be structured in the same way.


What if I don’t return to campus in the fall but want to continue my Loyola education?

Undergraduate students: Send an email request to the office of undergraduate and graduate studies at odugs@loyola.edu. They will handle your request and let the professors teaching your fall classes know. They will answer any other academic questions you might have and direct other kinds of questions to the right office.

Graduate students: Start by contacting the program-specific director of graduate operations. Then contact the office of undergraduate and graduate studies at odugs@loyola.edu. It is important for graduate students to have a conversation with your respective program director so you can fully understand the impact of the decision on your program of study.



What can I expect if I am participating in a class online?

Faculty are focusing this summer to enrich their online course offerings so that students in both the real and virtual classrooms will benefit from the exceptional education Loyola faculty deliver.

If I decide to take all my courses online for the fall semester, will I still pay room and board?

No, you would not pay any room and board charges. You would pay only tuition and fees. Students who are studying remotely for the Fall semester will have their housing and meal plan cancelled for the full academic year. Students requesting to return in the Spring semester will need to submit a new Spring 2021 Housing Application and will be assigned housing based on availability throughout campus. Additional information will be provided in October.

Other Questions

Will I be able to work on campus?

Work study employment is not changing. Work study is part of a student’s financial aid package, and all attempts will be made to hire work study students who want to work. The University is also not making any changes to direct hires, although obviously the usage of direct hires may change depending on departmental needs.

What will clubs look like in Fall 2020?

Clubs and organizations will continue, though they may be in a different format depending on the process to reserve space. Many meetings and events may happen online. Student activities will be given more details about clubs during the fall Club Kickoff training for club leaders in the fall.

Will there be club sports in the fall?

Club Sports is currently under review, and a final decision will be made later in July. This information will be communicated with all coaches and captains.

Will there be a Family Weekend this fall?

Family Weekend has been canceled for 2020. We look forward to hosting Family Weekend at a later date.

When will Commencement be held for the Class of 2020?

As soon as we have plans in place, we will contact the Class of 2020 and share information here.

How will shuttles operate during the fall semester?

Shuttles will run on their usual routes with the addition of routes to serve students living in off-campus Loyola housing. All shuttle drivers and passengers will wear face coverings at all times and engage in physical distancing on the shuttles. Sanitization of shuttles will occur on a regular basis.

What will campus Masses look like this fall?

The livestreamed 5 p.m. Sunday Masses Loyola has been celebrating during the pandemic will continue through Aug. 23. Sunday Masses for the fall semester will be held every Sunday at 4:30 p.m. beginning Aug. 30. Sunday Mass will be celebrated on the Quad weather-permitting or in Alumni Memorial Chapel in the event of rain. The Mass will continue to be livestreamed until further notice. All those attending Mass will need to bring blankets or folding chairs to sit on and wear face coverings that they will remove to receive Communion. If Mass needs to move inside, Campus Ministry will post a registration form so students can register in advance. The chapel will be limited to 30% capacity, per the Archdiocese of Baltimore guidelines. The daily 12:10 p.m. Mass will be held in the chapel.

When will ecumenical worship services be held?

Roots of Refuge will be held on the third Sunday of September, October, and November. The services will be held virtually at 3 p.m. on those days. In-person participation for the September service is TBD.

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