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Coronavirus Updates

Academic FAQs for Students

When do my classes start?

If your course, graduate or undergraduate, has been face-to-face, it will resume online at its regularly scheduled time Wednesday, March 18, 2020.

If your course is a hybrid course that has a regularly scheduled online session prior to Wednesday, March 18, the faculty member can hold that online session, as scheduled. If you are in an existing online course, the course continues without interruption.

Students should check their Loyola email messages between now and Wednesday, March 18, for updates about their courses.

How will lab courses continue?

The laboratory and laboratory-like courses in biology, chemistry, computer science, mathematics/statistics, and physics will all be handled a little differently, for discipline-specific purposes. Each of the academic departments has developed a plan for the continuity of learning and to meet the course objectives of the labs. Students will follow the guidance and instructions from their faculty members so that the students can demonstrate their achievement of the learning objectives via distance education while campus remains closed to students.

Library Hours

Students and faculty will continue to have remote access to the library. Reference Chat will still be available virtually 24 hours/day, 7 days/week.

Why is my student home for a week without classes? What are you doing for a week while face-to-face classes are suspended?

The University is working to maintain operations and continuity of instruction while addressing concerns for the safety, health, and well-being of all our students, faculty, and staff. Faculty and staff are completing technology upgrades to build up capacity for the volume of users of online and distance education. Faculty are transitioning all their Loyola classes from face-to-face to online delivery, which requires planning and building of the online elements.

What about my pre-health program or my national fellowship?

Pre-health programs and national fellowships will focus on tele/online advising, webinars, and improvement projects while students are off-campus. They will keep students in the planned rhythm that support their success with all applications and projects in a timely manner. Several in-person events, such as Basic Life Support for Health Care Providers Training and speaker events have been canceled, and they have suspended the in-person service of Health Outreach Baltimore students at Mercy Medical Center. Instead, they will focus on several big projects, research, and reading that help us to improve all the programming. The medical school students and Fulbright & other fellowships students will get all the support they need over phone, Facetime, Skype, or Webinars.

Online Courses and Distance Education

I have never taken an online course. What should I expect?

This will depend on the courses in which you are enrolled. Generally, be prepared to engage in coursework at the regularly scheduled time of your courses. In some cases, you will be doing work outside those regularly scheduled times, which might be different than what you would have done in the classroom. All that information will be conveyed to you by your instructor. If you are not sure what to expect, ask your instructor.

How can I prepare for online learning at Loyola?

  • The Office of Digital Teaching and Learning offers a Student Support Page that includes a Moodle Orientation and information about Panopto, VoiceThread, and Zoom web conferencing. The University has a new support site for these digital tools.
  • If you need any more assistance, please feel free to reach out to the Office of Technology Services (OTS).
  • You can prepare for learning online by exploring each course in Moodle.
  • Identify all activities and assignments and their associated due dates.
  • Create a planner that outlines your courses and associated course work for each (readings, assignments, etc.).
  • Create a calendar to help you schedule your school, home, and social commitments and responsibilities.
  • Create or locate an environment conducive to studying and completing your course work.

How do I access my course materials?

Go to moodle.loyola.edu and log-in with your Loyola credentials.

If you cannot locate your course, click "Site Home" from the left menu, then enter the course number in "Search Courses" and click "Go."

I am having trouble logging into Moodle, what do I do?

Go to moodle.loyola.edu and try to log-in with your Loyola credentials.

Contact the help desk at 410-617-5555.

How do I complete my coursework?

This will depend on the courses in which you are enrolled. Information will be forthcoming from your instructor.

  • Plan to use a desktop, laptop, or large tablet to access Moodle and complete your coursework.
    • If possible, use a device with video and audio capabilities.
    • If you have concerns about the technology you need to complete your work, please refer to the other technology-related questions on this page.
  • High-speed internet will be useful for most courses.
    • If your wi-fi internet connection gets spotty—don’t panic. Try to reset by unplugging your modem and router for 1-2 minutes, then plug them back in, and if necessary, restart your computer so that the internet connection is restored.

How can I contact my instructor?

You can email them directly. You can email through Quickmail, in your course in Moodle. If you do not know your instructor's email address, you can search for them on Loyola.edu.

Will I have to meet online at certain times?

This will depend on the courses in which you are enrolled. Information will be forthcoming from your instructor. Generally, you should be prepared to engage in coursework at the regularly scheduled time of your courses. It will be a good idea to log into Moodle at that time and check out your Moodle course.

How do I use Zoom?

As a student, you just need to click the link your instructor emailed/posted. If you want to set up a Zoom meeting, go to loyola.zoom.us and sign-in using your Loyola credentials (it is free!). The University has a new support site for digital tools.

I am concerned about completing my work online (e.g., I have special learning needs).

Depending on your need, you might want to contact the office of disability support services and/or your instructor.

What if the online material is not accessible to me?

Contact your instructor to discuss creating alternatives that work for you.

What if I do not have any of the technology I need to complete my work online?

Dean of Students Dr. Christina Spearman (cjspearman1@loyola.edu) is helping students who do not have internet access at home.

Faculty Fellow for Equity and Inclusion, Dr. Marianna Carlucci (mecarlucci@loyola.edu), is the contact for students who do not have a laptop.

Tips on signing in with Duo Two-factor Authentication

Event Information

How might Commencement be impacted?

As Rev. Brian F. Linnane, S.J., shared in his March 18 message: "Based on the information we are receiving from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention regarding crowds, we have no choice but to postpone Commencement. I know this is terribly disappointing news for our Class of 2020—and all those who are so proud of them. I assure you that we have some wonderful ideas about a special way to celebrate you and all your accomplishments. You will have a Commencement, even if the timing of those festivities is beyond our control at this moment. As soon as we have more details, we will share them with you, so you and your families and friends can plan to join us for a long-awaited, truly memorable ceremony."

Are other academic events canceled?

Effective immediately, we are suspending all academic-sponsored events through the end of the semester. We will share information about the possibility of rescheduling events as soon as we can and once the University has resumed normal operations.

Academic Support Services

How will undergraduate course registration for Fall 2020 classes be impacted?

Course registration will proceed as scheduled, with students registering for courses via WebAdvisor on their assigned registration day and time. Students can view their registration date and time on WebAdvisor. WebAdvisor registration closes at 4 p.m.

Registration Dates by Class:

  • Class of 2021: March 18, 2020
  • Class of 2022: March 25, 2020
  • Class of 2023: April 1, 2020

Students are still required to obtain electronic permission to register from their faculty advisor. They can check if their advisor has granted them permission on WebAdvisor. If they do not already have permission, they should contact their advisor via email or work phone as soon as possible to review courses remotely and obtain permission to register. Students who have difficulty reaching their advisor should contact the Academic Advising and Support Center (AASC) as soon as possible at 410-617-5050 or aasc@loyola.edu.

The Academic Advising and Support Center will be open 7 a.m. – 5 p.m. on registration days to answer any registration-related questions and assist students with registering for special courses (e.g. specialized studies, repeats, courses with pre-req issues, etc.). Students can contact AASC at 410-617-5050 or aasc@loyola.edu for assistance.

Students should reference the fall 2020 course registration information email from the Records Office for details. The Records Office can be reached at 410-617-2263 on registration days for assistance with registration procedures.

I am currently abroad. How do I register for Fall 2020 classes?

Electronic permission to register is given to students studying abroad by International Programs personnel rather than by students’ advisors, except sociology majors. Sociology majors must receive electronic permission from the major advisor in order to register for courses.

The most up-to-date information can be found from the Academic Advising and Support Center (AASC), on their website. For additional information AASC can be reached by email or by phone at 410-617-5050.

How will the withdrawal deadline and process be impacted?

The deadline to withdraw from a spring course is Tuesday, April 28, at 5 p.m. For this semester only, students can submit a Change of Registration form without the signatures of their faculty advisor and professor. Varsity athletes should still consult with their athletics advisor and international students should consult with Sunanda Bhatia prior to submitting the form. Students are also encouraged to consult with the Financial Aid Office at 410-617-2576 regarding the potential impact of a course withdrawal on financial aid. Although the signature of the professor is not required, students are still strongly encouraged to reach out to their instructor via email or Moodle to discuss whether or not a specific course withdrawal is in their best interest.

Students can download the Change of Registration form from the Records website. Students complete the top of the form and include the course that they wish to withdraw from under the “Drop” section and sign the form. Once complete, the form can be emailed as an attachment to Academic Advising at aasc@loyola.edu prior to 5 p.m. on Tuesday, April 28.

The graduate withdrawal date for regular 15-week classes only has also been extended to Tuesday, April 28, at 5 p.m. The withdrawal date for eight-week 2 classes will remain the same. Students who have already been issued a grade are excluded from the extended withdrawal date.

Please see the AASC website for the most up-to-date information. Students who have questions or want to discuss the impact of a course withdrawal can contact AASC at 410-617-5050 or aasc@loyola.edu.

Questions regarding transcripts can be found on the Records Office website.

Questions regarding enrollment verification can be found on the Records Office website.

Where can I receive more information on available academic resources?

Many academic student support offices will have resources online for you by Wednesday, March 18, but here are a few resources to consider using while you are off campus:

  • Tutoring: The Study plans to use GoBoard as our online tutoring platform and Zoom as a backup platform. Students and Loyola tutors can meet online (similar to Skype) and have a regular session. The GoBoard platform includes screensharing, video and audio capabilities, and a math keyboard, so students from all disciplines should still be able to have a productive session. Students will still log onto TutorTrac to make an appointment and we will follow up with an email containing the URL to the GoBoard site. Students experiencing technical difficulties should contact Blake Lubinski, bnlubinski@loyola.edu.
  • Time management coaching and academic coaching: The coaches and the Director of The Study will meet with students via Skype or Zoom for virtual sessions. The Director can also work with students via email or phone, should that be a preferred method. Students can register for these services at www.loyola.edu/department/the-study/coaching-services or by contacting Molly Fredette, mfredette@loyola.edu.
  • Academic Success Workshops: Students can register for a workshop at www.loyola.edu/department/the-study/study-skills/workshops. Depending on the number of registrants, students will meet with the Director of The Study via Zoom or GoBoard.
  • Writing Center assistance: The Writing Center will offer synchronous online tutoring beginning on Wednesday, March 18. Tutors will conduct real-time 45-minute Zoom conferences with students. Students will still be able to schedule appointments via TutorTrac per normal. Please also check the Writing Center’s website for up-to-date information.