Loyola University Maryland

Coronavirus Updates


The current Loyola University Maryland Student COVID-19 policies are below. If you have questions about these policies, please view the Policy FAQ on the Student FAQ page or email studentconduct@loyola.edu.

Following the best practices for health and safety during this time is essential for our community to have a successful semester. Every member of the Loyola community should feel empowered to approach individuals who are not engaging in healthy behavior to remind them cordially of the rules and the importance of the steps we are taking. We all want to make the semester a successful and healthy one.

Undergraduate and graduate students should familiarize themselves with student policiesCommon questions about the student policies are addressed in the COVID-19 Policies FAQ.

Those not adhering to the required University guidelines and public health practices could endanger other community members and will be subject to the student conduct process or employee disciplinary action.

Additional policies include:

Reporting Possible Violations

Keeping everyone accountable to the health and safety guidelines will be the responsibility of everyone in our community. We must do our part to be Healthy Hounds, and we need to support one another, especially around things that may be a learning curve—wearing a face covering anytime you leave your residential unit, wearing it properly, following signage, maintaining physical distance.

We will be addressing policy violations by students through our student conduct process, and serious violations will have serious consequences. We have developed a COVID-19 Policy Violation Report web form, where you can submit information about COVID-19 policy violations.

Employee violations will be addressed through our employment policies and procedures. Reports of employee policy violations can be directed to the appropriate supervisor or chair; or, reported via the EthicsPoint site.

For routine interactions or minor concerns, we hope our community members will address each other and work together to be in compliance. For more serious concerns, Loyola community members can submit the web form with the pertinent information.