Loyola University Maryland

Coronavirus Updates

Summer Student Policies

Students on Campus for the Summer 

Students who are on any of Loyola’s campuses for employment, academic experiences, athletic training, or any other reason must comply with these protocols:

Summer Vaccination Requirement

Each student who will be on campus this summer must have received a COVID-19 vaccine. The final dose must have been administered 14 days prior to beginning your summer campus program or employment. Medical and religious exemptions are permitted per the advanced approval of Student Health Services. By submitting vaccination proof or a request for an exemption to healthservices@loyola.edu, students are acknowledging that they have reviewed and fully understand the protocols and responsibilities.

Daily Symptom Screening

All students will participate daily in Campus Clear symptom screening and show their green pass to their program director/campus FSA point-of-contact each day. Students without green passes will not be permitted to be on campus that day and will be expected to quarantine and follow up with their private medical practitioner or an urgent care center.

  • Students will not be cleared to return to work or other campus activities without documentation from the healthcare provider they see in regard to their absence.   
  • Clearance notes should be emailed directly to the program coordinator/camps FSA point-of-contact daily. 
  • Each student will be given a wristband daily from their program director/campus FSA point-of-contact indicating their clearance through the health process.

Positive COVID Tests

If a student on campus for the summer tests positive for COVID-19: 

  • The student should immediately isolate in their housing assignment and contact their program director/campus FSA point-of-contact at the earliest time possible during business hours. That person will email the student information regarding how to properly isolate and conduct a quick conversation about recent contacts on campus.  
  • The program director/campus FSA point-of-contact must notify facilities management (Joe Griffin and Helen Schneider) if the student has been on site within 72 hours of the report of COVID to allow for necessary cleaning protocols to be conducted.  
  • The program director/campus FSA point-of-contact should also notify any close contact that they may have been exposed to COVID-19. If close contacts are fully vaccinated, they do not need to quarantine but should monitor for symptoms of COVID-19 and get tested if needed. 
  • If a close contact of a positive case has an exemption from the COVID vaccine, the program director/campus FSA point-of-contact will instruct the student to quarantine and submit a negative PCR test to them in order to be cleared from quarantine after 10 days. 
  • Students who need to quarantine are urged to go home. They will not be supported by on-campus services if they must quarantine here on campus. 
  • If a COVID-positive student can get home without taking public transportation, the student will leave for home as soon as possible to complete their 10-day isolation period. 
  • The program director/campus FSA point-of-contact will notify facilities of any need to clean areas or equipment. The program director/campus FSA point-of-contact should alert covidhelp@loyola.edu about any positive test. 

Campus Services

Be aware: Campus services are very limited during the summer 

If a student is UNABLE to get home for quarantine or isolation, they need to be fully aware that they will be completely responsible for their own care and supplies and Loyola will not be providing any care directly (i.e., no food delivery, not healthcare management, etc.) for these individuals. All students should be aware that this is the case regardless of whether vaccinated or deemed exempt from vaccination.

Please Note: There are no Loyola health and medical services, Covid Logistical Coordinators, or Case Managers available to any summer student or guest on campus. Students/guests should plan to use the services of their primary care doctor or local urgent care facilities.

University COVID-19 protocols remain in place

  • Masks are required at all times while on Loyola property, including outdoors, according to Loyola’s current masking policy. 
  • Each of the campus spaces has been designated for specific capacity based on current 6 feet social distancing guidelines and those capacities must be adhered to.