Loyola University Maryland

Coronavirus Updates

Undergraduate Student Policies

A limited number of students will be provided emergency housing during Fall 2020. Those students are expected to abide by the following policies.

Residence Hall Guidelines

  • No non-student guests will be allowed in the residence halls.
  • No overnight guests will be allowed in the residence halls. 
  • Students cannot enter other residence halls, only the hall they are assigned to.
  • Guests are limited to two guests per dwelling regardless of building. A dwelling is defined as an apartment or suite (such as in Newman and Campion), or double room (such as in Butler or Hammerman).

Face Coverings—required in all common spaces

Face coverings are required everywhere on campus. Exceptions include while actively eating or drinking, attending to personal hygiene, such as showering, shaving one’s face, or brushing teeth. This policy includes wearing a mask while walking from a dwelling to the bathroom, and visiting a dwelling to which you are not assigned. 

There are no accommodations for not wearing a mask, and questions related to accommodation requests should be made to Disability Support Services for students. Face coverings are defined as a cloth, face shield, or medical grade mask that fully covers a person’s nose and mouth and is secured to the person’s head.

Size of Gatherings

Gatherings within residence halls are limited to 2 student guests in addition to residents of the room.  In common areas, indoors or outdoors where social distancing of 6 ft is not possible, gatherings will be limited to 10 or less.



Students are expected to only leave campus for essential reasons. Essential reasons include visiting a doctor or receiving a prescription, grocery shopping, attending an academic commitment, such as an internship, going to a place of employment, exercise, getting takeout from a restaurant.  Attending social gathering, bars, parties will not be considered essential.


Students traveling outside the state of Maryland must quarantine for 14 days upon their return to campus.  This includes traveling within the US and internationally. Traveling to areas with widespread transmission, as defined by the state of Maryland (https://governor.maryland.gov/marylandunites/) is strongly discouraged. Additionally, planned off campus trips are prohibited.

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