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People with advanced degrees in Computer Science or Software Engineering can expect rewarding employment for years to come. Loyola's graduate programs prepare you not only to deal with today's hot technologies, but tomorrow's as well, given the strong practical and theoretical foundation you will receive.

Be part of this technological explosion with a Master's Degree in Computer Science or a Master's Degree in Software Engineering from Loyola University Maryland.

The Baltimore-Washington area in particular is replete with employers in aerospace, defense, intelligence, information technology, bio-tech, and hi-tech product development. Loyola computing faculty have direct, working ties with NSA, NIST, Goddard Space Flight Center, Northrup Grumman, and other organizations. Loyola computing graduates have achieved success in all of the above industry segments. They work are in custom software development, product development, networking and infrastructure, computer security, management, research, and other areas. Some are published authors.

Computing is still and will continue to be a very hot field. The impact of outsourcing is overstated, especially in this geographical area. New avenues frequently open up. Just in the past few years, opportunities in information retrieval, social networks, and hand-held devices have rapidly expanded. The web is experiencing continued growth, especially as an application and communication venue. Many computing-related sectors are recession-proof. In fact, federal stimulus funding has increased many opportunities.

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Master's Degree in Computer Science

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