Loyola University Maryland

Department of Computer Science

Learning Aims

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Note: The University has recently announced it will be phasing out the graduate computer science/software engineering (CSSE) master’s and master’s plus programs and will be working to assist its currently enrolled CSSE students to complete their programs within the next three academic years.

Student learning aims for Master of Science in computer science:

  1. Be proficient problem-solvers using current computer science techniques (e.g., database system, web programming, and network systems).
  2. Be able to analyze and design high quality solutions to real problems using well-established principles of software engineering and be able to evaluate those solutions by rigorous means.
  3. Understand the fundamental principles of computer science theory in support of their becoming lifelong learners ready to build and understand tomorrow's technologies.

Student learning aims for Master of Science in software engineering:

  1. Understand requirements elicitation, the specification of software architecture, and the organization of a software system.
  2. Understand the appropriate implementation techniques from the front-end of a software system through to the back-end.
  3. Understand software quality considerations such as best design practices, management considerations, software security, and testing.