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Courses for Non-Majors

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Courses for Non-Majors

The twenty-first century will see the continued development of amazing new computer-based technologies. No matter your future career, if you want to excel, you must be able be to understand these technologies and converse with those who provide them. To meet those goals, Loyola offers courses for non-majors. Each of these courses satisfies one sciences/mathematics core requirement.

CS111 - Introduction to Computers with Software Applications

CS112 - Introduction to Computer Science

CS115 - Introduction to Computers with Digital Forensics

CS116 - The Internet and the World Wide Web

CS118 - Computers, Robots, and Minds: Introduction to Intelligent Computing

CS120 - Topics in Introductory Computer Science

CS218 - Computational Thinking: Exploring Computing through Robotics

Descriptions to these courses can be found at http://www.loyola.edu/catalog.


Computer Art ExhibitThe Computer Science Department collaborates with other departments on interdisciplinary projects. Such a collaboration led to an interactive computer art display in the Fine Arts Gallery late in Fall term, 2010. Please contact the Department chair to discuss ideas.