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Department of Mathematics and Statistics


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Note: All e-mail addresses include @loyola.edu

 Administrative Assistant
 Scholtz Pat Scholtz
Knott Hall 306
phone: (410) 617-2328
FAX: (410) 617-2803
e-mail: pts
Department Chair


Ethan Duckworth
Associate Professor
Ph.D. University of Oregon
Knott Hall 301g
phone: (410) 617-2607
e-mail: educkworth
Groups, Algebraic Groups, Representations, Algebra
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Auer  Richard E. Auer
Assistant Professor
Ph.D. Iowa State University
Knott Hall 310
phone: (410) 617-2523
e-mail: rea
Applied Statistics 

Prince Chidyagwai
Assistant Professor
Ph.D. Rice University
Knott Hall 301b
phone: (410) 617-2710
e-mail: pchidyagwai
Numerical Analysis and Scientific Computing
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Clark Timothy B. P. Clark
Assistant Professor
Ph.D. University of Albany, SUNY
Knott Hall 316b
phone: (410) 617-5088
e-mail: tbclark
Commutative Algebra,
Algebraic Combinatorics
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Knapp Michael Knapp
Ph.D. University of Michigan
Knott Hall 301e
phone: (410) 617-2382
e-mail: mpknapp
Number Theory
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Bu Hyoung Lee 

 Bu Hyoung Lee
Assistant Professor
Ph.D. Temple University
Knott Hall 301b
phone: (410) 617-2522
e-mail: blee4
Statistics: Time Series Analysis

Morrell Christopher H. Morrell
Ph.D. University of Wisconsin
Knott Hall 301f
phone: (410) 617-2629
e-mail: chm
Applied Statistics
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Oberbroeckling Lisa Oberbroeckling
Associate Professor
Ph.D. University of Oregon
Knott Hall 312
phone: (410) 617-2516
e-mail: loberbroeckling
Functional Analysis, Operator Theory, Banach Algebras, Generalized Inverses
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 Giselle Pile

Giselle Pile
Visiting Affiliate Instructor
M.S., Loyola University Chicago
Knott Hall 308
phone: (410) 617-5078
e-mail: gcpile

Sarkar  Dipa Sarkar-Dey
Associate Professor
Ph.D. Johns Hopkins University
Knott Hall 301c
phone: (410) 617-2898
e-mail: dsarkardey
Linear Algebra

Mili Shah
Associate Professor
Ph.D. Rice University
Knott Hall 316d
phone: (410) 617-2724
e-mail: mishah
Computational and Applied Mathematics
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Jiyuan Tao
Ph.D. University of Maryland, Baltimore County
Knott Hall 316c
phone: (410) 617-5419
e-mail: jtao
Applied Analysis, Optimization

Emeritus Professors
John C. Hennessey
Ph.D. University of Maryland
e-mail: jch
Mathematical Modeling, Complex Variables
William D. Reddy
Ph.D. St. Louis University
Numerical Analysis
Anne L. Young
Ph.D. Michigan State University
e-mail: ayoung
Number Theory, Algebra, Cryptography
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Affiliate Faculty 

Ms. Lori Benning
Knott Hall 301a
e-mail: llbenning

Dr. Larry Brant
Knott Hall 301a
e-mail: ljbrant
Ms. Verena Brown
e-mail: vbrown
Mr. Jeffrey Grell
Knott Hall 301a
e-mail: jcgrell
Mr. Bruno Kamdem
Knott Hall 301a
e-mail: bgkamdem

Ms. Amanda Lattimore
Knott Hall 314
e-mail: arlattimore

Mr. Robert McKee
Knott Hall 314
e-mail: remckee
 Ms. Amy Rivoli
Knott Hall 314
e-mail: amrivoli
Mr. Michael Schneider
Knott Hall 314
e-mail: mschneider4