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Professional Development Award Fund

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Undergraduate or master’s students who attend professional development activities or who conduct research projects are now eligible for an award to defray the cost of these expenses. The Student Professional Development Award Fund is designed to offset expenses, but no guarantees are made regarding full reimbursement for expenses.

Undergraduate students are strongly encouraged to apply for additional funds from Education for Life as well as the SGA Finance Committee. Masters students are encouraged to seek any extramural funding to support such expenses as well.

In order to apply for a professional development award, an undergraduate or master’s student should review and complete an application form. The deadline for an award application is Feb. 15. Students can apply both retroactively (i.e., expenses incurred since the previous July 1 up until Feb. 15) and in advance (i.e., expenses one is expected to incur from Feb. 16 through June 30 of that academic year).

Student professional development fund requests will be evaluated according to the following criteria:

  • Students will be given priority in awards for presenting peer-reviewed scholarship at a conference compared to attending a conference but not presenting.
  • Students may receive a funding award to defray the cost of attending a conference in which they are elected to a position, and must attend the conference for similar reasons (e.g., MPA representative).
  • Students may receive a funding award to defray the cost of attending a development activity that has the potential to have a significant positive impact for the department and/or University (e.g., Psi Chi student leadership training).
  • Students may receive one funding award per year to defray the cost of attending one professional development conference specific to enhancing their abilities as a scholar (e.g., workshop on statistics or other research methodology training)
  • Students may receive a funding award of lesser value than those outlined in #1-#4 to defray the cost of other professional development activities (e.g., attending a professional conference [but not presenting], attending a workshop to enhance skills as a psychologist).
  • Students should not submit funds to compensate for student membership in professional organizations.

In addition to the above criteria, the following factors will be taken into account:

  • The student’s description of how the professional activity will enhance her or his development as a scholar, psychologist, and/or Loyola community member (cf. Student Professional Development Fund Request application).
    Number of requests from total students in a given year.
  • Each student’s request and reimbursement histories (i.e., if decisions must be made among students who have and have not applied for funding during a given year). 
  • It should also be noted that funding students who are presenting scholarship at a conference will be given priority, if decisions must be made among research conferences and training/development projects.
  • All efforts will be made to balance awards between undergraduate and master’s students who apply in a given academic year.

Logistics for Award Recipients:

  • All applicants will be notified whether they have received an award and the monetary amount of the award.
  • In order for award recipients to receive their award, they need to submit proof of their claimed expenses (i.e., attendance at the professional event conference, documentation of the items purchased for research purposes). Original receipts for expenses incurred need to be submitted to the psychology office manager, Phyllis Grupp. All receipts must be submitted by June 30 of each academic year to receive reimbursement. Thereafter, recipients will be issued a check for the amount of the award.

Professional Student Development Fund Committee will consist of the following persons:

  • Psi Chi Faculty advisor
  • Psychology Master’s program faculty committee member
  • Psi Chi Treasurer
  • Master’s program student representative.

NOTE: If either student representative is submitting an application to this award, a student from the same program will be substituted in the designated person’s place.

See a printable copy of the professional development guidelines.

Please turn the application to the mailbox of Dr. Rachel Grover, located in Beatty Hall Room 203.