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Student News

Our Student News page features information about current writing students' work and accomplishments, including:

  • Student work
  • Jobs, internship or co-op positions
  • Awards
  • Publications
  • Plans after graduation

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Student Publications, Clubs, and Presentations

Loyola University has long supported the university's mission of eloquentia perfecta (perfect eloquence). Nowhere is this more obvious than in the active student publications, CorridorsWarnings, The Odyssey, and in past publications, Forum, Garland, The Evergreen Quarterly, Ignis, and Unicorn. The writing department also believes good writers should be good speakers and presenters. We encourage students to gain experience showcasing their work and the works of others in professional settings such as poetry and fiction readings, conference presentations, and publishing in off-campus journals. Click on the links below to read more about our student publications and presentations.

Internships and Service-Learning

Loyola’s writing department offers a number of courses that include service-learning components. Often working with Loyola's Center for Community Service and Justice (CCSJ), service-learning courses allow students and instructors to collaborate with local organizations and bring about positive change and serve the needs of our Baltimore and Maryland communities. In addition, the department internship program helps students develop valuable professional skills and hone their interpersonal and professional communication skills. Internships provide a glimpse into how writers and editors work in the business, non-profit, and academic worlds. Click here for more information on internships and service-learning.

Contests and Awards

The Loyola writing department supports The Academy of American Poets Prize and the WR100 Essay Contest. Click here for more information about these contests and a list of past winners.

Pi Epsilon Pi

Pi Epsilon Pi is a national writing honor society, founded by Loyola in 2006 to honor undergraduate students pursuing studies in writing. As the society's name announces, "petens eloquentiam perfectam" embodies the Jesuit ideal of seeking eloquence in written expression. Click here for more information about Pi Epsilon Pi.

Alumni Updates

Our Alumni Update page features information from our writing students who have graduated from Loyola. Click here to check out writing Department alumni updates.

First Year Writing Projects

First-year Loyola students are encouraged to explore personal issues through writing but also to expand their experiences and develop knowledge of the world beyond the self. Exploring the world beyond the self begins during the first semester students arrive at Loyola, and the work presented here in the New Hounds NewspaperTunbridge Newspaper, and Beyond Evergreen illustrates those efforts. Read more about these projects here.

Graduate Schools and Careers

Many Loyola writing students go on to graduate studies in science writing, fiction, professional writing, law, rhetoric, and other disciplines. Our writing students are also successful in the workplace. Our graduates work as physicians, attorneys, book and magazine editors, novelists, poets, public relations professionals, teachers, publishers, grant writers, professors, journalists, and webmasters. Click here to find out more about graduate schools and careers.