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Pi Epsilon Pi is a national writing honor society, founded by Loyola in 2006.

The purpose of the writing honor society is to function as an honor and professional society for undergraduate students pursuing studies in writing. In fulfilling this role, the organization will support activities that stimulate creative and scholarly work in writing studies and that cultivate the appreciation and recognition of the art and craft of writing. As the society's name announces, "petens eloquentiam perfectam" embodies the Jesuit ideal of seeking eloquence in written expression.

I.  Minimum Academic Qualifications for Chapter Membership
A candidate for membership shall have a minimum of two college courses in writing beyond the usual requirements in the core curriculum. The candidate shall have a minimum of a B+ or equivalent average (3.33 GPA) in writing, shall rank at least in the highest 35 percent of his/her class in general scholarship, and have completed at least three semesters of college course work.

Members are expected to maintain this level of academic achievement to remain in good standing.

II.  Categories of Membership
There shall be three categories of chapter membership: active, associate and honorary.

A. Active Membership

1. Prerequisites. Active membership shall be limited to

a. currently enrolled students, graduate or undergraduate, who have the requisite academic background (Section 1) and who are majoring (including the interdisciplinary majors) or minoring, or the equivalent, in the discipline of Writing; and

b. faculty sponsor(s) of a chapter. A sponsor shall be a faculty member in the sponsoring institution.

B. Associate Membership

1. Prerequisites. Associate membership is open to

a. currently enrolled students, graduate or undergraduate, who have the requisite academic background (Section 1, this Article), but who are not majoring or minoring in the discipline of writing;

b. non-sponsoring faculty members who have a degree in writing (or its equivalent in a related field); and

c. alumni who have the requisite background (Section 1).

C. Honorary members
Honorary memberships will be awarded to alumni, faculty, administrators, staff, or others who demonstrate extraordinary support of writing in any of its subfields or the writing department or program. Honorary members do not participate in the regular activities of the chapter.

III. Induction of Members
The writing chair or faculty sponsor will invite qualified students to join. There will be an annual induction ceremony for new members, typically during spring semester. Newly inducted members shall receive a) a certificate attesting to membership in the Society and b) other materials, such as a copy of the Charter, as needed.

IV. Officers
The Chapter will have a faculty sponsor, a student president, and two vice presidents who are responsible for organizing the induction ceremony, service opportunities and other events. Additional ad hoc positions (such as a committee chair) will be determined by the leadership team as needed. The faculty sponsor will run an annual election for the president and vice presidents positions.

In the picture below, a student is inducted into Pi Epsilon Pi.

A student is inducted into Pi Epsilon Pi.