Loyola University Maryland

American Studies

Fall 2012 Course Highlights

AH 351 / HS 351 American Urban Culture: A Tale of Four Cities

Profs. Janet Headley and Jack Breihan • TTH 10:50-12:05

During the late eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, four American cities—Baltimore, Boston, New York, and Philadelphia—competed to establish exemplary cultural institutions that would be emulated (and envied) by other cities. This course considers these institutions, which include religious edifices, monuments, parks, museums and libraries, and department stores.

HS 345D.01 The Peoples of Early America

Prof. Matthew Mulcahy • TTH 9:25-10:40am (.01); TTH 10:50-12:05pm (.02)

This course explores how encounters, conflicts, and compromises between Europeans, Africans, and Native Americans in America’s early history (1550-1775) shaped the development of colonial society.

EN 203.01/02 Major American Writers: Natural and Urban Landscapes

Prof. Jean Lee Cole • MW 3-4:15 (.01); MW 4:30-5:45 (.02)

From the moment European explorers set foot on American shores, they were astounded and captivated by the land: by its beauty—and by its potential for transformation. This course attempts to answer three questions: How has America’s natural landscape influenced its human occupants? How have humans, in turn, transformed the land? How has the relationship between humans and their environment inspired and shaped literary art?

Other AS courses offered in Fall 2012:

CM 302 Free Speech, Free Expression CM 342D Media, Culture, and Society EN 203D Major Writers: American EN 366 American Literature to WWI EN 397 Seminar: American Realism HS 340D America through Reconstruction HS 341 U.S. Since the Civil War HS 361 Merchants and Farmers, Planters and Slaves PS 102 American Politics
PS 316 American Political Parties
PS 319 Interest Groups and American Democracy
PS 344 Civil Liberties I
PS 384 American Political Thought
PT 279 Silent Cinema
SC 103 American Society
SC 204 The Family
SC 361 Social Inequality WR 354 Environmental Writing

To see how these courses fit into the minor, refer to the program requirements or contact Prof. Jean Lee Cole. 

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