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Department of Biology

Dr. Maren E.V. Blohm

Assistant Professor


Department of Biology
Loyola University Maryland
4501 North Charles Street
Baltimore, MD 21210-2699
Office: DS 221b
Office tel: 410-617-2169
Fax: 410-617-5682

Areas of Interest

Plant Physiology and Plant Stress

I have lived the majority of my life in the deserts of the western United States.  Perhaps living in these unique environments unconsciously fueled my interest in how plants respond to stressful growing conditions.  I am particularly interested in plant responses to drought and salinity.  Drought and salinity are the major abiotic stresses that result in decreases in crop yield, especially in water limited areas of the world.  Although these two stresses are my major interest, I am also interested in exploring plant responses to other stresses.  Currently I am working on two different plants.  Very little research has been done on how ornamental plants respond to salinity and drought.  My lab is investigating how the ornamental plant, calla lily, responds to salt stress.  We are currently testing salt response under greenhouse conditions, particularly conditions that will cause stress and the stage in the life cycle when stress will be most damaging.  My lab is also working on Arabidopsis lyrata, which is a small plant found in many areas in the eastern United States.  My work with A. lyrata involves comparing stress response of plants from populations that are found in many extreme environments.   With my collaborators I am trying to determine if responses to different environmental conditions are population specific (implying special adaptation), or if the response is inherent to all A. lyrata plants.  Currently we are looking at the response to different Ca:Mg ratios and will soon start looking at population responses to heavy metals.

Selected Publications

Veatch-Blohm, M.E., and L. Morningstar.  2011. Calla lily growth and development under saline irrigation.  HortScience 46: 222-227.

Veatch-Blohm, M.E. and E. Koutavas. 2011.  The effect of stratification and after-ripening time on seed germination in three populations of Arabidopsis lyrata ssp. lyrata (Brassicaceae).  Castanea 76: 199-209.

D.T. Ray, Veatch-Blohm, M.E., V.H. Teetor, and B. Walsh.  2007.  Upper and lower estimates of heritability in guayule based on mode of reproduction.  J. Amer. Soc. Hort. Sci. 132: 213-218.

Veatch-Blohm, M.E., D.T. Ray, and A. Gehrels.  2007.  Night temperature, rubber production, and carbon exchange in guayule.  Ind. Crops Prod.  25: 34-43.

Veatch-Blohm, M.E., D.T. Ray, and W.B. McCloskey.  2006.  Water-stress induced changes in resin and rubber concentration and distribution in greenhouse grown guayule.  Agron. J. 98: 766-773.

Veatch, M.E., S.E. Smith, and G. Vandemark.  2004.   Shoot biomass production among accessions of Medicago truncatula exposed to NaCl.  Crop Science 44: 1008-1013