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Department of Biology


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Department of Biology
Loyola University Maryland
4501 N. Charles Street
Baltimore, MD 21210
Office: DS 232
Office tel: 410-617-5640

Area of Interest: Ecology, Zoology, and Conservation Biology

My main interests include ecology, zoology, and conservation biology with a focus on reptiles and amphibians (or "herps"), a pair of ancient and often overlooked taxa which have been a long-time passion of mine. Outside of Loyola, I have a hand in many projects with other organizations, including:
- using eDNA techniques as a method to detect the Eastern hellbender (a large, endangered amphibian)in its historical range in MD
- confirming the range extension of a new species of leopard frog on the western shore of MD
- the Maryland Reptile and Amphibian Atlas, a statewide effort to create an inventory of herp species throughout MD
- Herpetological Education and Research Project (HERP) - an online database where both amateurs and professionals can contribute herp data to be used for conservation-based research
- Education Coordinator for the Susquehannock Wildlife Society

My main focus at Loyola is teaching, and I enjoy communicating both excitement and a thorough understanding of our amazing natural world to students who plan on making a career out of biology. My preferred teaching methods usually include providing hands-on experiences, especially in an "outdoor classroom", where biological principles and research techniques can be illustrated effectively in real time. I teach mostly ecology-based courses here, including Ecology, Evolution, and Biodiversity; Organismal Biology; The Natural History of Maryland; Conservation Biology; and a non-majors course, The Chesapeake Bay Environment.