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Catholic Studies Student Summer Grant Application form

Loyola Catholic Studies Program
Student Summer Research Grant

Application Cover Page

Applicant’s Name:

Applicant’s Class Year:

Applicant’s Loyola ID:

Applicant’s Academic Major:

Loyola email Address:

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Applicant’s Home Address:

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Title of proposed Catholic Studies Summer Research Project:

Research Project Mentor:

A pdf file containing the entire application must be submitted via email to Dr. Angela Russell Christman (achristman@loyola.edu) by 5 pm, Friday April 5, 2019.

Application checklist:

(     ) This cover sheet as the first page of the pdf file.

(     ) Research proposal of 750-1000 words, detailing the nature of the study, its
purpose, and its relation to the Roman Catholic intellectual or artistic heritage

(     ) Bibliography of pertinent works or resources studied and those to be examined in scholarly research for the project

(     ) Letter of endorsement not to exceed 500 words in length from the faculty mentor for the research project that addresses the project’s merit, the competence of the student to conduct the project, and the project’s relation to the Roman Catholic intellectual tradition or its artistic heritage