Loyola University Maryland

Catholic Studies Program

Elective Courses


For specific information about Catholic Studies courses including schedule, professor and capacity go to http://courses.loyola.edu and select the Term (Fall, Spring or Summer) and IC-Catholic Studies under Course Type.

A quick list of elective courses in the Catholic Studies Minor is provided below.

Art History

    • AH310 Church and Empire: Early Medieval Art, 250-1150
    • AH312 The Renaissance in Italy
    • AH313 Renaissance Art in Northern Europe
    • AH314 Art of Baroque Europe
    • AH325 Gothic Art and Architecture
    • AH326D The Crusades in Medieval Visual Culture 


    • CH113 Living Dangerously?
    • CH340 The Science and Philosophy of Human Nature: Teilhard and Polanyi


    • CL225 Biographical Tales of the Bible
    • CL226 Women in the Christian Tradition
    • CL301 The Church and the Roman Empire
    • CL313 History of Christmas
    • CL324 Seminar: The Persecution of the Christians in the Roman World
    • CL349 Latin Jesuit Drama and the Philosophy of Peace and War


    • EN328 Seminar in Literature and Catholicism (Pre-1800)
    • EN332 Literature and the Catholic Imagination (Pre-1800)
    • EN364 Literature and the Catholic Imagination (Post-1800)
    • EN365 Seminar in Literature and Catholicism (Post-1800)


    • HS301 The Church and the Roman Empire
    • HS303 The Early Middle Ages
    • HS305 The Later Middle Ages
    • HS313 History of Christmas
    • HS317 The Making of Modern Italy
    • HS370 The Jesuits in Asia Since 1542
    • HS381 Search for the Divine: Hindu, Christian, Muslim, and Buddhist Ways in India
    • HS382 Jesuits and Empire from the Society's Beginning to Its Suppression
    • HS383 The Cross and the Sword: Christianity and the Making of Colonial Latin America
    • HS391 History of the Jesuits
    • HS475 Seminar: The Persecution of the Christians in the Roman World
    • HS486 Seminar: The Great Age of the European Reconnaissance: Travel and Discovery


    • IT352 Dante's Divine Comedy


    • LT335 Resistance to Rome: Perpetua's Passion
    • LT350 Readings in Medieval Latin I
    • LT351 Readings in Medieval Latin II

Law and Social Responsibility

    • LW319 Special Topics in Law, Social Responsibility, and Catholic Studies


    • MG319 Special Topics in Catholic Studies

Modern Languages

    • ML320 Liberation Theology from Its Origins
    • ML332 Dante's Divine Comedy (in translation)


    • PL313 Business Ethics and the Church
    • PL329 Philosophical Foundations of Catholic Social Thought
    • PL331 Natural Law and Natural Right
    • PL340 The Science and Philosophy of Human Nature: Teilhard and Polanyi
    • PL349 Latin Jesuit Drama and the Philosophy of Peace and War
    • PL350 Sexual Ethics
    • PL351 Virtue Ethics
    • PL352 Catholic Political Philosophy
    • PL353 Modern Morality and Human Nature
    • PL355 Philosophy of History
    • PL364 Renaissance Philosophy
    • PL369 Introduction to Saint Thomas Aquinas
    • PL370 Medieval Philosophy
    • PL401 Morals and Politics of the Lord of the Rings
    • PL404 Reason, Science, and Faith in the Modern Age
    • PL407 Marriage and Family though the Lens of Catholic Social Thought and Developmental Psychology
    • PL450 Seminar: Renaissance Philosophy of Religion


    • PY417 Special Topics in Psychology and Catholic Studies


    • TH202 Theology and Catholic Autobiography
    • TH203 Catholic Church: Life and Thought
    • TH204 The History and Theology of the Papacy
    • TH205 Christian Rome: Understanding Jesus Christ in Rome
    • TH211 Women in the Christian Tradition
    • TH214 Friends and Foes: Jews and Christians through the Ages
    • TH216 Ignatius and the Jesuits: History and Spirituality
    • TH218 Sacred Journeys: The History and Theology of Christian Pilgrimage
    • TH224 The Gospels and the Earliest Churches
    • TH225 Biographical Tales of the Bible
    • TH242 A History and Theology of Saints
    • TH243 Heaven and Hell
    • TH244 Forgiveness and Reconciliation
    • TH245 Eucharist (The Mass) in Ordinary Time
    • TH246 Who is Jesus?
    • TH247 The Presence of God: Christian Mysticism, East and West
    • TH249 Christian Sacraments
    • TH264 Theology & Children's Literature
    • TH265D World Christianity
    • TH266 Christian Theology and World Religions
    • TH269 Theology and Literature
    • TH270 Creation and Evolution
    • TH301 Ethics: Theology and Ethics of Hospitality
    • TH303 Ethics: Ancient, Modern, and Christian Approaches to Ethics
    • TH304 Ethics: Introduction to Christian Ethics
    • TH306 The Moral Theology of Pope John Paul II
    • TH307 Ethics: Marriage and Sexuality
    • TH308 Ethics: Justice and the Church in the World
    • TH309 Ethics: Theology and Politics in America
    • TH310 Ethics: Peace Ethics
    • TH311 Ethics: Spirituality and Social Ethics - Biblical and Theological Perspectives
    • TH313 Ethics: Being Moral in America
    • TH316 Ethics: Catholic Spiritual Life in the United States
    • TH319 Ethics: The Church and the Human Body
    • TH322 Christianity and Its Critics
    • TH326 Ignatius Loyola and the Spiritual Exercises
    • TH327 The Virgin Mary in Scripture and Tradition
    • TH329 Medieval Women Authors
    • TH331 Finding God in All Things: Spirituality and Prayer in the Christian Tradition
    • TH333 The Tradition of Catholic Radicalism
    • TH335 An Introduction to the Theology of Saint Augustine
    • TH336 Catholic Intellectual Life in the United States: Two Hundred Years of American Catholic Opinion
    • TH338 Theology of Thomas Aquinas
    • TH346 Disputing the Bible
    • TH347 Jesus and the Gospels
    • TH349 Learn to Do Right: Biblical Perspectives on Social Justice
    • TH350 Prophets and Peacemakers
    • TH354 Male and Female in the Kingdom of God: Contemporary Gender Perspectives on the Bible
    • TH355 Saint Paul and His Writings
    • TH356 Genesis: Exploring the Bible's First Book
    • TH361 The Theology of John Paul II
    • TH362 Hope, Death, and the End of the World
    • TH363 Sacraments and the Christian Life
    • TH364 What is Truth?
    • TH365 Theology and Art
    • TH366 Catholic Theology in Modernity
    • TH369 Faith and Reason
    • TH381 Faith and Film: The Apostle's Creed in the American Cinema
    • TH382 The Mysteries of the Life of Christ in Theology and Music
    • TH383 Christian Faith and Economic Justice
    • TH384 Christianity and Islam
    • TH385 The 'Theological' and the 'Religious' in International Cinema
    • TH386 Fundamental Questions of Morality
    • TH387 International Catholic Literature in the Twentieth-Century
    • TH398 Euthanasia and the Problem of Suffering


    • WR356 Writers in the Catholic Tradition: Selected Authors