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Department of Classics


Spring 2015

Sophomore Joshua Ziesel ('17) won second place in the Humanities Oral Presentation Division of the Undergraduate Student Research and Scholarship Colloquium for his talk "A Corpus-Based Linguistic Study of the Distal Demonstrative Pronoun and Adjective Ekeinos in Lysias.  Sophomore Calix O'Hara ('17) presented twice at this event.  First in the Humanities Oral Presentation Division with "Pietas in the Jesuit Tradition" in this division, and then at the Poster Session for the Mathematical & Natural Sciences with a "Developing a Model for the Testing of Ancient Body Armor."  Congratulations to both Josh and Calix!

Five Classics/Classical Civ. students win summer grants! Joshua Ziesel ('17) will spend his summer studying the language of the Athenian orator Lysias, Kjerstin Burdiek ('17) will research the persona of Alexander the Great, and Calix O'Hara ('17) will test the abilities of linothorax armor.  Calix will also be giving a talk titled "Developing a Model for the Testing of Ancient Body Armor" at the National Undergraduate Research Colloquium in Eastern Washington University (Spokane, WA) in April.  Katie Wright (’17) will be going on the College Year in Athens' summer program : Excavating in the Aegean: The Case of Despotiko. The program begins with one week in the archaeological museum on Paros, working with artifacts from Despotiko, an important archaic sanctuary of Apollo, and then moves to three weeks of on-site archaeological work at the sanctuary where students are trained in proper excavation techniques. Michele Ryan (’17), a double-major in Classical Civilization and Biology (with a chemistry minor), will help with forensic anthropological analysis and field/lab illustration of human skeletal remains from the late Iron age burial ground in Eleutherna, Crete.

Fall 2014

Sophomore Ian McNeely ('17) became the first recipient of the Gnomic Aorist, the award given to the student with the best performance in first-year Greek. 

Spring 2014

An extra special congratulations to Mitch Corwin ('14), the winner of the Whelan Medal, awarded to the graduating senior with the highest academic average in all courses. Mitch also won the Classical Civilization departmental medal; Tracy Gore received the P. Edward Kaltenbach Classics Medal.

Congratulations to Natalie Tsottles ('16) for winning The National Fellowships Office Summer Research Grant for her project "Faith, Hope, and Love in the thought of Peter Gracilis." Natalie will be creating an original transcription, of a Latin manuscript folio from Peter Gracilis' Commentary on The Sentences, which will contribute to the critical edition of this text. She will then read the text for content and develop a commentary on the philosophical and theological content of the text, that will focus on the nature of faith, what it is, and how it is acquired.

It has been another good year for Classics majors and Phi Beta Kappa.  Two majors were inducted this year: Tracy Gore [bottom center] and Elly Girbach [bottom right].  Mitch Corwin [bottom left] was inducted last year as a Junior.

Congratulations to Classics major Mitch Corwin ('14) for winning first place in the Arts and Humanities Oral Presentation Division of the 15th Annual Undergraduate Student Research and Scholarship Colloquium with the talk "Orthographic Variance in Latin: Inscriptions from 100BCE to 300CE."  In the Fall Mitch will begin teaching position in the Teach for America Baltimore corps.  First year majors Michele Ryan (Classical Civilizations) and Joshua Ziesel (Classical Languages) are the two winners of the Promising First-Year Scholars Award.  Josh won for his paper "'Marble Head of a Man' and 'Terracotta Column-Krater'"; Michele for her writings "Complicated" and "Not Just a Comfy Seat."  Colleen Mitchell ('14), a Classical Civilization minor, won third place for her talk "Understanding Cultures by Examining Their Tears."

Spring 2013

Shawn Turner, Natalie Tsottles, and Mitch Corwin all received travel awards from the Center for the Humanities. Shawn will hold an internship at St. Ignatius Loyola Academy where he will teach a Humanities course and will otherwise help out with the teaching of Latin and the mentoring of students.  Natalie is headed to "Rusticatio", a two-week long program in spoken Latin and pedagogy hosted by the North American Institute for Living Latin Studies where she and others will develop their skills at spoken Latin and share techniques for bringing spoken Latin into the classroom. Mitch will be traveling to Athens to participate in the summer program of the American School of Classical Studies in Greece.  While there he will tour the major sites of Greece with a group of senior undergraduates, graduate students and college professors. The tour is led by a senior scholar and includes on-site and in-museum reports and lectures by various specialists in Greek antiquities.

Senior Sidney Christman, a Classics major with a History minor, won first place in the Arts and Humanities Oral Presentation Division of the 14th Annual Undergraduate Student Research and Scholarship Colloquium for her talk on "The Forms and Functions of Smiling in Homer's Iliad".  In the Fall, Sidney will be heading to the University of Colorado, Boulder, to pursue a master's degree in Classics.    

Congratulations to our many Phi Beta Kappa inductees: Garrett Cardillo, Sidney Christman, Sarah Haley, Grace Marconi, Kacie Plants, Maggie Tighe, Anthony Vitti, and Mitch Corwin.  [left to right: Dr. Jacobson, Dr. Taylor, Sidney, Kacie, Anthony, Garrett, Dr. Walsh, Maggie, Grace, Sarah]

Phi Beta Kappa ceremony

Junior Elly Girbach, a Classical Civilizations major with a Gender Studies minor, has been awarded a Summer Research Fellowship from the Center for the Humanities to study the representation of women on the ancient Greek stage in a project entitled "Scheming Women and Feminine Plots: The Portrayal of Female Strategy in Greek Drama".

Fall 2012

Kudos to Classical Civilization Major Maggie Tighe ’13, who was accepted to her first-choice law school, Georgetown.

We are pleased to announce that Dr. David Jacobson has joined us as a tenure-track assistant professor specializing in Greek drama.

Spring 2012

This semester, Dr Thomas McCreight spearheads the Classics Department's first service learning course, a Latin 124 course whose students tutor at St Ignatius!

Kudos to Classics/Political Science double major Garrett Cardillo for winning a prestigious summer internship with the New York DA!

We congratulate Classics/English double major Lauren Hallman for winning the President's Writing Prize with her essay "Stage Fright."

Fall 2011

Senior Gavin Blasdel spent the summer doing preliminary research for his senior honors thesis while working on his paper “Misunderstanding and Miscalculation: Roman Administration, Policy, and Attitudes in Judaea, 63 BC–70 AD.”  Gavin won a competitive grant from the Loyola Center for the Humanities to support his work.

Joint classical civilization and history major Sidney Christman spent the summer working as an intern at the Maryland Historical Society.  Sidney won a competitive grant from the Loyola Center for the Humanities to support her work.

Sarah Haley, a double major in biology and classical civilization, spent the summer in Greece attending the American College of Thessaloniki where she took courses in modern Greek and ancient Greek art. A competitive grant from the Loyola Center for the Humanities funded her travel.

We also congratulate this year's award winners:

  • Gavin Blasdel–Award for Outstanding Junior-year Achievement in Classics
  • Sidney Christman–Award for Outstanding Sophomore-year Achievement in Classical Civilization
  • Kacie Plants–Award for Outstanding Sophomore-year Achievement in Classical Civilization
  • Elly Girbach–Award for Outstanding Freshman-year Achievement in Classics

Finally, many congratulations to this year's Eta Sigma Phi inductees!

  • Samantha Prefontaine ‘12
  • Brittany Shalloo ‘12
  • Garrett Cardillo ‘13
  • Sidney Christman ‘13
  • Sarah Haley ‘13
  • Grace Marconi ‘13
  • Mark Muth ‘13
  • Jessica Schenck ‘13
  • Margaret Tighe ‘13
  • Anthony Vitti ‘13

The department welcomes new Assistant Professor Nandini B. Pandey. Stop by her office in HUM 323 and say hello!

We thank Dr. Amanda Regan for a successful 2010-11 academic year and wish her well in her new position.