Loyola University Maryland

Department of Classics

Undergraduate Student Research and Scholarship Awards

It is a great honor to be included as a finalist in the Undergraduate Student Research and Scholarship Colloquium. Classics and Classical Civilization majors and minors fare well at this event. Faculty mentors are in parentheses.

Previous Finalists in the Arts and Humanities Division:

2015  Joshua Ziesel,"A Corpus-Based Linguistic Study of the Distal Demonstrative Pronoun and Adjective Ekeinos in Lysias."  2nd place.  (Dr. Jacobson) 

          Calix O'Hara, "Pietas in the Jesuit Tradition."  (Dr. Blum)

2014  Mitch Corwin, "Orthographic Variance in Latin: Inscriptions from 100BCE to 300CE."  1st place. (Dr. McCreight)

          Colleen Mitchell, "Understanding Cultures by Examining Their Tears."  3rd place.  (Dr. Forni)

2013  Sidney Christman, "The Forms and Functions of Smiling in Homer's Iliad."  1st place.  (Dr. Jacobson)

          Colleen Mitchell, "Masculine Tears: Crying in Chaucer’s Troilus and Criseyde."  3rd place.  (Dr. Abromaitis)

2008  Caitlin Allender, Irene Murphy, Michael Campitelli, Richard Gibbons, and Caitlin Engler, "Jesuit Drama: Stratocles." 1st place.  (Dr. McCreight)