Loyola University Maryland

Department of Computer Science

Interdisciplinary Major

Ordinarily, an interdisciplinary major involving CS requires the completion of nine CS courses and three mathematics courses. Students considering an interdisciplinary major are urged to consult the Chairs of both departments as early in their program as possible.

Course requirements are:

  • CS151 Computer Science I
  • CS212 Computer Science II
  • CS301/312 Data Structures and Algorithms I
  • CS302/366 Data Structures & Algorithms II
  • CS371 Computer Engineering I or CS/MA295 Discrete Structures*
  • CS482 Software Engineering
  • CS496 Computer Science Project
  • CS4** Approved Computer Science Elective**
  • CS4** Approved Computer Science Elective
  • MA251 Calculus I
  • MA/CS295 Discrete Structures

and one of the following:

  •   MA252 Calculus II
  •   ST210 Intro. To Statistics
  •   MA301 Linear Algebra

*   CS371 is required for Math/Statistics majors.
** For Engineering majors minoring in Computer Science, this requirement is CS4**.
     Engineering majors cannot count CS471 as a CS elective.

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