Loyola University Maryland

Department of Computer Science

Learning Aims

Our student learning outcomes for the B.S. program in computer science are:

  1. Analyze a complex computing problem and to apply principles of computing and other relevant disciplines to identify solutions. 
  2. Design, implement, and evaluate a computing-based solution to meet a given set of computing requirements in the context of the program’s discipline.
  3. Communicate effectively in a variety of professional contexts.
  4. Recognize professional responsibilities and make informed judgments in computing practice based on legal and ethical principles. 
  5. Function effectively as a member or leader of a team engaged in activities appropriate to the program’s discipline.
  6. Apply computer science theory and software development fundamentals to produce computing-based solutions.

Our student learning outcomes for the B.A. program in computer science are:

  1. Be proficient in a computer language and hardware.
  2. Be able to design high quality solutions to real problems in today’s technology using well-established principles of software engineering process, understand how to participate effectively as a member of a team, and be able to evaluate those solutions by rigorous means.
  3. Have the mathematical background to implement sound solutions to problems.
  4. Be effective at written and oral communication, able to read and write technical papers and documentation and present results.

Also see our Educational Objectives.



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