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Data Science

Career Advancement Opportunities

Outcomes and Job Opportunities

Demand for data scientists is expected to grow. The number of newly available jobs in the field is projected to increase by 16%, adding over 5,200 jobs. However, these jobs are more often than not unavailable to those who hold only a bachelor’s degree. The typical minimum listed educational requirement for jobs in the field of data science is a master’s degree. In addition, employers are looking for prospective employees who can demonstrate their skills through previous work or projects.

Industrial Collaboration

Loyola has various industry partners across many fields that help facilitate real-world projects for our graduate students. These industrial collaborations are valuable for students and employers alike and provide tangible portfolio work that students can learn from and demonstrate to potential future employers. The video below is just a few of the capstone projects that Loyola Master of Science in Data Science students have had the opportunity to work on and present while in the program.

Further Reading on Career Advancement

Students in the Master of Science in Data Science program are prepared for a career as a data scientists and data analysts. With increased demand, shortage of talent, high salaries and applications in every industry, data science is becoming a good option for a successful and fulfilling career. A few highlights of what others are saying about the field of Data Science:

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Paul Tallon, Ph.D.

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