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Master of Science in Data Science Course Outline

Students may choose to proceed through the Master of Science in Data Science program in two, three, or four years (students are required to complete the program within five years). The sequence of courses taken is dependent on whether or not CS701 has been waived in addition to consideration for the student's other commitments. A student advisor will work with students to develop a plan on how to navigate the courses to fulfill the requirements in a time-frame suitable for each student.

All required courses are offered each year in a consistent semester. Electives are offered on a rotating basis and may have prerequisite course requirements. Students should carefully plan their course sequence to ensure that all appropriate prerequisites have been taken.

Graduate students in the M.S. in Data Science program are required to take certain courses dependent on their specialization of choice. Students in the Data Analytics specialization are required to take the core required courses and fulfill the elective requirements. Students who are pursuing the Technical specialization must also take the core require courses and additional technical specialization required courses and then fulfill the elective requirements.

Core Required Courses

Technical Specialization Required Courses



CS701 Introduction to Programming

CS703 Programming for Data Science (CS701)

DS730 Introduction to Data Science

ST765 Linear Statistical Models (ST710)

DS795 Data Science Project Design

Computer Science Elective

Business Elective 


CS701 Introduction to Programming

ST710 Statistical Computing

CS737 Machine Learning (CS703)

DS796 Data Science Project (DS795)

Statistics Elective (depending on demand) (ST710 or ST765). 

Business Elective


DS851Business Intelligence and Data Mining (DS730 or permission of instructor)


Statistics Elective (ST710 or ST765). Usually ST767 (ST710)

Business Elective

* Course numbers in (parentheses) are prerequisite coursework

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