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Data Science

Master of Science in Data Science Curriculum

All coursework offered at Columbia Graduate Center. Most courses are hybrid. This will mean that some weeks will substitute synchronous in classroom learning for asynchronous out-of-classroom learning.

The program consists of 10 (or 11) courses. The requirements include the following. 

 Technical Specialization

Analytics Specialization 

  • Six (or five) core courses in business, statistics, and computer science. 
  • One additional statistics course (elective)
  • Two additional computer science courses (one required, one elective)
  • An elective from statistics, computer science, or business. 
  • A technical capstone project. 
  • Six core courses in business, statistics, and computer science. 
  • Three elective courses from statistics, computer science, or business. 
  • A technical capstone project. 

For course descriptions, please see the Graduate Catalog.

* Course numbers in (parenthesis) are prerequisite coursework


  • CS701 Introduction to Programming (waiveable)
  • CS703 Programming for Data Science (taught by CS faculty) (Placement or CS701)
  • ST710 Statistical Computing (taught by Statistics faculty)
  • DS730 Introduction to Data Science (taught by IS faculty)
  • DS851 Business Intelligence and Data Mining (taught by IS faculty) (DS730 or permission of instructor)
  • ST765 Linear Statistical Models (ST710)

Additional Required Courses

  • CS737 Machine Learning (for technical specialization) (CS703)
  • DS795/796 Data Science Project

Computer Science Elective Courses

  • CS745 Multimedia data analysis and mining (CS737, ST710)
  • CS746 Data Visualization (CS703, ST710)
  • CS750 Special Topics in Computer Science
  • CS751 Independent Study  
  • CS765 Database Retrieval (CS703)
  • CS766 Information Retrieval and Natural Language Processing (CS737) (Regularly offered)

Statistics Elective Courses

  • ST767 Multivariate Analysis (ST710) (Regularly offered)
  • ST775 Generalized Linear Models and Multilevel Models (ST765)
  • ST776 Bayesian Inference (ST765)
  • ST778 Time Series (ST710)
  • ST791 Special Topics in Statistics
  • ST792 Independent Study

Business Elective Courses

  • GB700 Ethics and Social Responsibility
  • GB733 Enterprise Systems
  • GB/DS739 Data Management and Database Systems 
  • GB/DS736 Data Visualization for Decision Making (DS730 or permission of instructor)
  • GB852 Advanced Analytics
  • GB853 Social Media and Web Mining
  • GB735 Project Management

Dr. Olsen

Megan Olsen, Ph.D.

Megan Olsen, Ph.D., aims to improve access for all students interested in computer science

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