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Emerging Media


With a Masters of Arts in Emerging Media from Loyola, you will have a unique set of skills and insights that will prepare you to understand cutting-edge communication applications and how to use them. You will recognize how new platforms can enhance existing communication activities and open compelling possibilities for innovation.

The rigorous curriculum makes Loyola graduates ideal candidates for a variety of roles and responsibilities in a huge array of industries and professions ranging from the traditional media disciplines such as public relations, journalism, advertising, and marketing to other businesses, groups, organizations, or individuals who wish to reach wider audiences and stakeholders using effective and appropriate channels of communication. You will be trained not only to make use of the contemporary communication vehicles available today but also to analyze and embrace the communication technologies that will be introduced tomorrow, next year, or a decade from now. A Masters of Arts in Emerging Media is your platform to go ahead, get ahead, and stay ahead in our competitive world that relies on communication.

Erin Wright

Erin Wright

Erin credits Loyola’s Emerging Media program in preparing her for her role as an editor at the New York Times