Loyola University Maryland

Emerging Media

An Inside Perspective

Current Students

Current students share insight about the Emerging Media program—including highlights of the curriculum and the residency seminar experience, the affordances of a diverse, dynamic online learning community, the advantages of an asynchronous graduate program, and how they apply what they learn to their careers.

Ana Lipson

"It is becoming increasingly important to pursue a post-graduate education in emerging media as technology and media are taking over all professional outlets. Loyola's graduate program in emerging media has expanded my knowledge of digital communications and has helped me pursue more experience in the field. I have had the opportunity to intern for Hillary Clinton’s Presidential Campaign HQ, Dumbarton House museum and NSCDA HQ, and Vectorworks as digital and marketing internships."

Mike Ruddock

“After 15 years in the work world, it was time for me to build on my talents. I needed a program that would be challenging, provide flexibility, and arm me with the modern day knowledge and skills to move my career forward. Loyola University Maryland's MA in Emerging Media has provided a tremendous boost to my abilities and credentials. The program was a great complement to my industry experiences and was a wonderful selling feature in securing a recent career advancement opportunity. The Program's emerging media assessment strategies provide all types of professionals with the power to be the social media and communications experts in their fields. The faculty are active and well versed in current communications trends and the experiences of my fellow students provide an equally diverse perspective on the emerging media world we live in. For anyone looking to take the next step in their career, don't pass by this extraordinary experience.”

Melanie Megale

“Having decided to go for my master’s immediately after finishing my undergraduate work I was nervous that I would be depriving myself of the time in my life to go out and explore the world. For this program to be online and to be able to offer me the education I wanted while not being constrained to one location was a huge factor in why I decided to be part of this program.”

Margaret Perry

“The DIY approach of the Emerging Media program combined with the flexibly of online learning and the intimacy of a one-week summer session enables me to balance to graduate school with full-time employment. My participation in this program has not only opened new career doors for me, but also will enable me to learn and sharpen the skills I need to succeed in the coming years. In addition, as I transition as into an age category that qualifies me for AARP membership I find myself wondering, “What I can offer to fellow digital immigrants in my age bracket as we learn to navigate a world increasingly ruled by digital natives?” None of this would be possible without the incredible guidance and encouragement that I have received from the professors in the Emerging Media program who make up the critical difference between this program and some of the others I considered. Whether tackling a late-night question or an ethically challenging issue I continue to be impressed by level of scholarly support and guidance I receive.”

Joe Bittner

“This program does more than that simply further your education; it prepares you for a world dependent on media. Whether it’s communication with your friends, advertising for a product, or just catching up on your local news, people rely on several media platforms to get through their day. By choosing this program I knew that I would be choosing a degree that would benefit me in the immediate future and for the rest of my life. The aspect I love most about this program is how current it is – the class topics correspond with important events occurring in the world. For example, our Law and Regulation class covered important topics relating to the FCC and Comcast. Having this knowledge became important when discussing the industry with potential employers. Loyola’s Emerging Media program is fun, current, and educational.”