Loyola University Maryland

Emerging Media

New Students

Meet some of the new Emerging Media students who started classes during the Spring 2017 semester as they discuss their academic interests, what drew them to the program, and what they hope to accomplish with their master’s degree.

Stephanie Andrews

Hometown: Westerleigh, Staten Island, NY

Interests within the Emerging Media program: I am interested in learning about the ethical consequences of social media on our society, the anthropological applications of information compiled on social media use, and how best to utilize these new technologies in the professional world.

What I hope to gain from the Emerging Media program: I wish to enhance my current professional skill set and expand my academic and research abilities in order to better prepare for a career in my chosen industry.

Why I chose the Emerging Media program: This program is unique in its accessibility, and provides many opportunities for students to tailor their studies to their specific interests.

Ryan McCoy

Hometown: Key West, Florida

Interests within the Emerging Media program: Search engine optimization and social media analytics

What you hope to gain from the Emerging Media program: I hope to gain an educational background that prepares me for the ever-changing media landscape and the tools necessary to recognize what is the next big thing, before it is the next big thing. 

Why you chose the Emerging Media program: I chose the program because it was a convergence of interests I have had for the better part of a decade, technology, journalism, art, social media and science. 

Additional details: I grew up in the Florida Keys, always conversation starter, where as you can imagine I enjoyed fishing, boating, diving and anything on or around the water!   

Cassie Passarella

Hometown: Belle Mead, NJ

Interests within the Emerging Media program: I’d like to ultimately use my degree in Emerging Media to do some good!  Using Emerging Media to voice philanthropic aims, or work for non-profit organizations is my largest goal.  I am particularly interested in content creation and strategy, as well as Hootsuite and media innovation.

What you hope to gain from the Emerging Media program: As a person looking to switch career fields, I hope to gain a well-rounded understanding of the ways in which media is adapting to our increasingly technological society, as well as the best ways to effectively communicate and market in new media.

Why you chose the Emerging Media program:  I love the flexibility that this program offers, as well as its open-mindedness to welcome people from all areas of study, allowing for unique viewpoints to be shared across the board!

Additional details: I have degrees in history and biology, and have decided to tackle a new adventure with this program! Currently, I work as a Research Assistant in the Office of Clinical Research at Saint Peter’s University Hospital, and as a privately-contracted researcher.