Loyola University Maryland

Department of Engineering

Senior Design

Seniors with studies in computer, electrical, materials, and mechanical engineering work together on design teams in this capstone two-semester course. The first semester concludes with presentations of a problem statement, design alternatives, selection methodology, and the details of the design solutions to the department’s Industrial Advisory Board  (IAB) and faculty. The second semester is dedicated to the building and testing of the design. The results are presented to and critiqued by the IAB at the end of the second semester.

Seniors in engineering design course

Senior Design Websites EG 497 Fall 2014

Team 1: SureYouCanxTOMIM

Team 2: Light Speed

Team 3: Teamflattire

Team 4: BabySensorFusion

Team 5: Indopenpumpkin

Team 6: LoyolaSuperFans

Senior Design Websites EG 497 Fall 2013

Team 1: "The Beam Team"

Team 2: "The xYUCA Project"

Team 3: "Ready Set Heat"

Team 4: "Drop it like its rain"

Senior Design Websites EG 498 2012

RIVER: www.studentpersonalpages.loyola.edu/dfvige/www  

WIND: http://forthewind.weebly.com/    

Braille: https://sites.google.com/site/brailleproject/    

ARK: https://sites.google.com/site/arkkeyboard/ 

WITS: https://sites.google.com/site/seniordesignwits/demo

BRAGG: http://bubblezgroup.weebly.com/