Loyola University Maryland

Environmental and Sustainability Studies

Requirements for the Minor

The requirements for the minor are: 

  • One introductory course (CH114 Global Environment or BL111 Environmental Biology), which also counts as a natural science core course.
  • Five electives from the list of approved courses, with the following special notes:
    • No more than three of the five electives may come from the same academic area of study
    • Only two courses may count for both the core curriculum and this minor.
    • Study abroad courses or courses from the Baltimore Exchange Program may count if approved by the Director.
  • A capstone experiential course in the form of either a research project or internship.

The minor is available to all students in any major or area of study, and prepares students for a variety of careers.

Approved Electives

  • BL 201/202 Ecology, Evolution, and Diversity
  • BL276 Human Health and the Environment*
  • BL305 Plant Ecology
  • BL311 Research Methods: Plant Science
  • BL346 Plant-Animal Interactions
  • BL350 Biology of Mammals
  • BL390 Conservation Biology
  • BL435 Evolution
  • BL471 Seminar: Special Topics in Ecology, Evolution, and Diversity
  • EC 360 Environmental Economics
  • HS343 American Environmental History
  • HS423 Disasters in American History
  • HS490 Seminar: Environmental History in Latin America
  • LW103 Law and the City
  • LW411 Environmental Law and Policy
  • PL236 Philosophical Perspectives: Environmental Philosophy (Messina Spring 2017)
  • PL 232 Philosophical Perspectives: Gender and Nature
  • PL311 Bioethics
  • PL314 Environmental Ethics
  • PL322 Nature: Mundane and Sacred
  • PS320 Environmental Politics and Sustainability in U.S.
  • PT377 Landscape and Nature Photography
  • SA315 Landscape
  • SC104 Cultural Anthropology
  • SC276 Human Health and the Environment*
  • TH270 Creation and Evolution
  • TH312 Christian Environmental Ethics
  • TH395 Justice, Peace, & the Integrity of Creation: A Christian Theological Inquiry
  • WR301 Writing About Science
  • WR354 Writing About the Environment