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Instrumental Ensembles

Loyola Jazz Ensemble
Mr. Mark St. Pierre, director

The Loyola Jazz Ensemble is a 17-piece instrumental group (5 saxes, 4 trumpets, 4 trombones, guitar, piano, bass, and drums) that performs classic and original jazz (from the 1950s to the present). The repertoire is challenging but always rewarding. Working hard but enjoying the experience of making great music are the key elements of what we do. We rehearse Thursdays 4:30-6:00. Students interested in auditioning should contact Mark St. Pierre at mastpierre@loyola.edu.

Loyola Jazz Combo
Mr. Mark St. Pierre, director

The Loyola Jazz Combo is a smaller ensemble comprised of four to eight selected members of the Loyola Jazz Ensemble. There is a greater emphasis on improvisation than the larger ensemble and greater demands are placed on the players to mold and shape the music in their own way. The combo plays often both on and off campus. Students interested in auditioning should contact Dr. Anthony Villa at avilla@loyola.edu.

Loyola Chamber Ensemble
Mr. David LaVorgna, director

The Loyola Chamber Ensemble is comprised of small instrumental groups. Its makeup differs each semester based on the varying instrumentation of those enrolled in the course. Groups can be formed from combinations or variances of strings, woodwinds, brass, and piano. The repertoire offers a wide range of styles and periods to fit the enrolled instrumentation. The ensembles play a mixture of compositions including transcriptions, arrangements, and compositions in their original intended form. Students interested in auditioning should contact David LaVorgna at, dlavorgna@loyola.edu. The ensemble may be taken for credit, 1.5 credits per semester.

Loyola Steel Pan Ensemble
Mr. Barry Dove, director

The Steel Pan or Steel Drum Ensemble is a group specializing in playing and performing Calypso and Island music from Trinidad and Tobago where the Steel Pan origins are located.  Also covered are musical grooves of Latin origins, Reggie, Jazz and Pop. Students interested in auditioning should contact Barry Dove at bdjqdove@aol.com or 410-371-0883. The ensemble may be taken for credit, 1.5 credits per semester.

Loyola Classical Guitar Ensemble
Mr. Ronald Pearl, director

The Classical Guitar Ensemble consists of duos, trios, and quartets performing a wide range of repertoire. We have performed works composed specifically for multiple guitars by composers such as Leo Brouwer, Andrew York, Oliver Hunt, Gilbert Biberian, Philip Houghton, and Loris Chobanian.  In addition, we regularly include transcriptions/arrangements from other media to include music by Bach, Ravel, and Albeniz. We perform each semester in recitals, and give an end-of-year concert in the Spring.

There are also opportunities to participate in the Baltimore Classical Guitar Society's ensemble. This group of 15-20 guitarists meet and rehearse once a week in the evenings throughout the fall semester, and give several concerts in December.

The ensemble is open to players of all levels. The ability to read notation, and access to a non-amplified guitar (nylon string, preferable) are required. If you have any questions about your suitability for the ensemble, contact Prof. Ronald Pearl at rpearl@loyola.edu.

The ensemble may be taken for credit, 1.5 credits per semester.

Recent Works Performed:

Cuban Landscape with Rain           Leo Brouwer
Bantu                                                  Andrew York
Songs of Ararat                                   Loris Chobanian
Dances from the Nutcracker               P. I. Tchaikovksy
Riverboat Suite                                   John Duarte
Becoming Water                                  Philip Houghton
Valses 1 and 2                                     Gilbert Biberian
Bercuese                                              Oliver Hunt
Girl with the Flaxen Hair                    Claude Debussy
Cordoba                                              Isaac Albeniz
Dances                                               M. Praetorius
The Floating Ancillary Ants               Rex Willis


Barnaby Nygren

Barnaby Nygren, Ph.D.

Dr. Nygren likes to get students out of the classroom and into art museums, and aims to show them how art skills are applicable—and valuable—for their future careers

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