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Photography Course Listings

PT 270 Basic Digital Photography (3.00 cr.) 
Students acquire an understanding of and appreciation for both the technical and aesthetic aspects of reading and making photographs. Among the numerous techniques explored are composition, file size management, electronic retouching, fine printing, and electronic presentation. Students are expected to supply a digital camera with at least a six megapixel capacity and the ability to control aperture and shutter speed. Fulfills fine art core requirement. 
PT 300 Photocraft (3.00 cr.)
An intermediate, technical introduction to photography concentrating on the fundamentals of image making, editing, and presentation in both silver and digital processes. Students gain a wide range of technical skills and experiences in both the darkroom and digital labs, focusing on in-camera exposure techniques, analog/digital printing, and project-based work. A basic introduction to the Zone System, studio lighting, and image presentation is also provided. Students are expected to supply a digital SLR camera (with full manual controls), A film SLR camera is recommended.
PT 301 Photographic Vision: Tools, Techniques, and Theories (3.00 cr.)
Students work with film and digital single lens reflex (SLR) cameras in the studio, darkroom, and computer labs. Students learn to use their cameras to craft thoughtful, intentional photographs and to enrich their understanding through careful readings of core texts of photographic theory and analysis of historic and contemporary photographs. Recommended for photography majors and minors. Closed to students who have taken PT300. Same course as HN323.
PT 319 History of Photography (3.00 cr.)
An examination of the major technical and aesthetic movements in the history of photography since its invention. Covers the works of major artists working in this medium as well as the major styles. Students in this class will not be expected to produce photographs. Same course as AH319.
PT 353 Book Arts and Artists' Books (3.00 cr.)
Prerequisite: SA224 or written permission of the instructor. Students are introduced to the materials, techniques, concepts, and equipment used in the craft of making traditional and nontraditional books. They learn folding, stitching, enclosing, and binding methods while creating three-dimensional works that literally or metaphorically reference the structure of books and address contemporary ideas about visual content. Same course as SA353.
PT 360 Digital Mixed Media (3.00 cr.)
Prerequisite: PT270 or SA224. A combination studio and digital photography course in which the computer is used as a tool and an integral part of the creative process, but work is achieved through mixed media studio methods. Two- and three-dimensional projects may include installation and/or virtual works that exist only on the Internet. Some prior computer experience recommended. Same course as SA360.
PT 361 Digital Image (3.00 cr.)
Prerequisite: PT270. Examines the ways in which the computer and various software programs can be used to modify and enhance an image as a visual statement for artistic and photojournalistic use. Same course as SA361.
PT 362 Advanced Digital Imaging (3.00 cr.)
Prerequisite: PT361. Students closely examine pre-production camera controls such as multiple exposure, compression formats, and camera raw and the post-production tools of Adobe Photoshop. The aesthetics and ethics of digital imaging are studied in depth.
PT 375 Silver Processes (3.00 cr.)
Prerequisite: PT270. An introduction to black and white silver photography. Students do their own darkroom work. Exposure, development, and printing are explored in the darkroom. Basic studio lighting for still lifes, portraits, and figure photography is covered. Students are required to furnish a 35 millimeter camera.
PT 376 Directed Workshop (3.00 cr.)
Prerequisite: PT270. Designed to allow students to pursue an interest in a specific area of photography such as sports, portraits, landscape, nature, etc. Weekly critiques of ongoing projects and a final exhibition portfolio required. May be repeated twice for credit.
PT 377 Landscape and Nature Photography (3.00 cr.)
Prerequisite: PT270. An intensive workshop in photographing the landscape and elements from it as an expression of personal statement. Some weekend field trips required.
PT 378 Alternative Photographic Processes (3.00 cr.)
Prerequisite: PT270. A study of the early processes by which photographic images were recorded and displayed, including cyanotype, ambrotype, and Van Dyck brown. Students make their own cameras and emulsions and coat their paper in addition to taking the original photographs. Explores the aesthetic and expressive possibilities of the older processes.
PT 379 Color Photography (3.00 cr.)
Prerequisite: PT270. Students study the history and production of color photographic processes, both film and digital. Students explore making color photographs using digital cameras. Color theory, history and practice is studied through numerous readings and image analyses.
PT 380 Studio Lighting (3.00 cr.)
Prerequisite: PT270. Aims at expanding students' visual awareness and their ability to create fine art imagery through the controlled use of studio lighting. Students work in analog or digital as they explore a variety of light sources from natural light, to hot lights, to professional strobe lights in a studio environment. Working mainly in black-and-white photography, digital students have the option to transition to color photography as the class progresses.
PT 381 Photojournalism (3.00 cr.)
Prerequisite: PT270. Photography in print media as illustration and narrative vehicle: the photo-essay and photo-documentary. Basic graphics in print journalism.
PT 383 The Photographic Essay (3.00 cr.)
Prerequisite: PT270. Under the instructor's direction, students develop a body of photographic images exploring, in depth, a specific photographic subject. Frequent classroom critiques of the ongoing project, technical demonstrations, and museum/gallery visits.
PT 386 Video Art (3.00 cr.)
Prerequisite: PT270. An examination of the aesthetics and history of video art, as well as a study of the techniques of video production. Students produce numerous short and long video works that are published online and screened in a public venue. IF
PT 391 Image and Text (3.00 cr.)
Prerequisite: PT270. Explores the dynamic relationship between photographic imagery and text. Students study the history of art that combines text and visual imagery. They also explore in their own work the ways that text as an interactive, subversive, or antithetical element can conspire with the photographic image to construct or deconstruct opinions and provoke new responses.
PT 393 Portraiture (3.00 cr.)
Prerequisite: PT270. Provides a basic foundation for students interested in portraiture. By examining the evolving roles of the photographer and the person being photographed, students are acquainted with contemporary trends in portraiture. Students work on projects that explore different ways of making portraits. Instruction includes slide presentations on the history and aesthetics of portrait photography.
PT 394 The Human Subject (3.00 cr.)
Prerequisite: PT270. Throughout history the human image has been the most important subject through which artists have expressed their personal visions. Students have an opportunity, through the use of lighting and composition, to study the human form as an artistic, photographic subject. Students considering enrollment in this course are strongly encouraged to register for The Nude in Art (AH301) prior to, or along with, this course.
PT 395 Moving Pictures, Still Pictures (3.00 cr.)
Prerequisite: PT270. Concentrates on the historical and aesthetic relationships that are present throughout the histories of both media. Movie clips, slides, and still photographs are shown and discussed. Assignments focus on narrative, passage of time, point of view, dramatic artifice, and stylistic and formal aspects of cinematography and still photography.
PT 400 Professional Practices for Artists (3.00 cr.)
Students are introduced to the working world of the professional artist. Students begin to create a cohesive body of work that is critiqued throughout the semester. They learn to frame artwork, enter at least one exhibition, and attend at least one off-campus opening. At the end of the semester, they will have produced a CD of their best work, along with accompanying professional materials. Required for all visual arts majors who are not enrolled in PT412; recommended for visual arts minors. Normally taken in the fall semester of the senior year. Same course as SA400.
PT 403 Advanced Photography (3.00 cr.)
Prerequisite: PT375. An intensive study of advanced black and white techniques in the studio, darkroom, and on location. Emphasizes final print quality, technically and aesthetically.
PT 412 Senior Project in Photography (3.00 cr.)
Prerequisite: Senior standing and written or electronic permission of the department. Students develop an advanced project under the direction of a faculty member. Work on the project continues throughout both semesters of the student's senior year. Proposals for senior projects must be approved by the fine arts faculty during the spring semester of the student's junior year.

Dan Schlapbach, MFA

Dan Schlapbach, MFA

Dan Schlapbach, MFA, sees photography as a vehicle for student expression and intellectual discovery

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