Loyola University Maryland

Forensic Studies

Advisory Boards

Forensic Studies Steering Committee FY 2020-21

Name Division/Department Year Appointed
David Rivers  Biology  2018
Marianna Carlucci  Psychology  2018
Nicole Schoenberger  Sociology  2019
Joseph Farrell  Philosophy  2020
Theresa Jefferson  Business (ISOM)  2018
Bahram Roughani  Associate Dean, NAS  Ex officio

Forensic Studies Advisory Board FY 2020-21

Name Affiliation  Expertise
Rana DellaRocco Baltimore City Police
Forensic Unit
Director of
Forensic Unit
Jeffrey Hickey ('95) MicroLab, Inc
ZyGem, Inc
Director of Forensics
Matt Gabriel ('95) Thermo Fisher Product Manager
Mary Beth Haller Baltimore City
Health Department
Deputy Commissioner
Dr. Barry Levine ('78) Office of the Chief
Medical Examiner,
Retired States
Forensic Toxicologist
Dr. Maura DeJoseph ('98) Office of the Chief Medical Examiner, Connecticut Deputy Chief Medical Examiner
Dr. William Rodriguez Armed Forces Pathology Forensic Anthropology
Mike O'Day ('97) DLA Piper Trial Attorney,
Corporate and Internal Business
KC Murphy Office of Attorney General,
State of Maryland
Director, Criminal Division
Fraud Analysis
Mitchell Dinterman Maryland State Police
Forensic Science Division
Crime Scene Section Manager
Dr. Wanda Kuperus Maryland State Police
Forensic Science Division
Deputy Director
Dr. Hung Cheung ('81) Cogency Medical
Forensics Consultants
Dr. David Fowler Office of the Chief Medical
Examiner, Maryland
Chief Medical Examiner
Shelly Brazelle US Secret Service Latent Print Examiner,
Currency Fraud Examiner
Dr. David Black (’74) Founder, Aegis Sciences Corporation;
Founder, The Phoenix Sciences Group;
Clinical Associate Professor,
Department of Immunology, Microbiology,
Pathology and Pharmacology,
Vanderbilt University

Forensic Toxicologist
Dr. John Morgan (’84)  CopTech Systems, Inc President & CEO
Dr. Kevin Dowling ('90)
Becky Feldman ('98) Maryland Office of the Public Defender Deputy Public Defender
Dr. Victor Weedn Office of the Chief Medical Examiner, Maryland Chief Medical Examiner  Maryland

David Rivers

David Rivers, Ph.D.

Biology professor David Rivers, Ph.D., is committed to training the next generation of biotechnologists

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